Yes, by now we’ve all completed our binge watching of House of Cards, which means that most of us are going through streaming series withdrawals—whether we’ll admit it or not. Well, luckily TV has gotten so good in the past few years that there’s no shortage of excellent shows available for streaming, and no shame in spending your weekend doing nothing but watching one (or more) of them. But before you get trapped in the maze of never-ending browsing searching for your next fix, we’ve complied a list of must-see streaming series, just in time for the weekend.

1. Peep Show on Netflix: A sort of modern, British Odd Couple, Peep Show chronicles the failings of roommates Mark and Jez in alternating first-person POV, complete with inner monologues that reveal what they are really thinking in every situation—in all its judgmental, pathetic depravity. And it's completely hilarious. There are a total of eight seasons (six episodes each) following these lovable losers as they stumble from awkward situation to awkward situation, ultimately revealing that it's they who are really their own worst enemies.

2. Twin Peaks on Netflix: Weird, quirky and totally original, David Lynch's slice of alternate reality in the Pacific Northwest holds up just as well today as it did when it first aired (on network TV no-less) in the early '90s. Who killed Laura Palmer is the initial question that FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle McLachlan) is called in to investigate, but it's all the bizarre, colorful characters that inhabit this middle-of-nowhere logging town that are the real mystery he, and all of us, get sucked into. If you're not already a Lynch fan, Twin Peaks just may convert you.

3. Broadchurch on Amazon and iTunes: This moody British drama follows local detectives Alec Hardy (David Tennant) and Ellie Miller (Olivia Coleman in a departure from her usual comedic roles e.g. Peep Show) as they investigate the murder of a local boy in the sleepy, ordinarily murder-free, coastal town of Broadchurch. It may sound like a typical whodunnit, but there's something about this little world and its conflicted and very human characters that sets it apart. Incidentally, it's currently being remade for American audiences as Gracepoint—David Tennant will be reprising  his role starring opposite Anna Gunn. If you liked the The Killing, this is a must-see.

4. Orange Is The New Black on Netflix: With the new season of Netflix's original series Orange is the New Black right around the corner, now is the perfect time to catch up (or refresh) on season one, and all of Piper Chapman's fish-out-of-water mishaps in prison. Now, fellas, before you dismiss this and pigeon hole it "for chicks," the smart writing and hilarious situations (sprinkled with some appropriate drama here and there) is totally unisex and thoroughly enjoyable. Oh, and did we mention it's full of hot, graphic lesbian sex? It's women's prison after all!

5. Honest Trailers on's Roku App: Shameless self-promotion here—you can now watch not one, not two, but all of the Honest Trailers we've ever made, streaming on your Roku. If you’ve never seen Honest Trailers  a) who ARE you? b) you’ve been missing out and c) you can now make up for it all in one sitting. A recent update to’s App organizes all the Honest Trailers in one tidy place, so you can stream until it hurts…from laughing.

6.True Detective on HBO GO: If you didn't give it a chance while it was on (granted, only a few weeks ago marked the first season's finale), then you really, really should. Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson give outstanding performances as Louisiana-based detectives tracking down a ritualistic serial killer in the backwoods of the bayou. A word of advice going in—don't get too caught up in the idea of lofty conspiracies and major shakedowns, the beauty of this show is really the writing, the characters, and their individual experiences with the horrors of humanity, and their own troubled lives—internally and externally. It's Southern Gothic, neo-noir at its finest.