The Simpsons has become the most popular out of the all-American, middle-class, TV families. It’s the longest-running sitcom – pushing boundaries every Sunday since 1989. Yes, we’ve been watching Homer “Doh!” for 27 years. The extremely successful and satirical animated series pokes fun at pop culture, society, current events, and our favorite celebrities.

There has to be at least one episode that highly resonates with you, right? That one episode you’re convinced was written just for you. The one you carry around in your mental pocket; quote often; share with anyone who will watch it while you mouth the words? Maybe you personally relate to brilliant oucast Lisa; bad boy Bart; Mr. Burns or even... Ralph?

Out of all 27 seasons, what episode would you pick as the BEST EVER? What episode was a huge let-down for you? Or even better, which episode offended you the most? We want to hear your answers in the comments below!

On the all new episode of TV Fights!, Roxy Striar, Andy Signore (Screen Junkies), Sasha Perl-Raver (FX Movie Download) and Matt Lieberman (SourceFed, AfterBuzz TV) battled it out about what might be the most impossible question to answer: What’s the best Simpson’s episode ever? Their results may please, shock, and/or offend you.

But the REAL question is: which one is YOUR favorite? 


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