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The Colbert Report

One of the funniest and most informative men on TV, Stephen Colbert has created a show that is consistently hilarious and that brilliantly compliments the stylings of his pundit compadre Jon Stewart. Smart and blaringly American, Colbert keeps you laughing while disecting the news and intimidating guests on the show with his cocksure, unrelenting attitude.

Airs: Mon-Thurs 11:30/10:30 C on Comedy Central



Stephen Colbert Could Be Our Future Leader

Friday, January 13 by

If Chris Rock can be president, so can he.


4 Colbert Report Episodes Every Patriot Should Watch

Monday, November 14 by Frost

If you bleed red, white and blue, figuritavely, then here are 4 “Colbert Report” episodes that every patriot should watch. If you’re bleeding, literally, please go see a doctor, just…

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