In further proving that NBC is incapable of giving us just "good news" without a "but," NBC is in the process of ordering renewals for beloved Thursday night comedies 30 Rock, Community, and Parks and Recreation, but with fewer episodes than before. Yay?

The move is of course done as a cost-saving tactic, but also to probably clear up schedule space for new comedies like Matthew Perry's Go On, while Whitney and Up All Night will probably not be making the cut.

Here's where I would make a joke about NBC just being the worst, and, since their new shows are far worse than the stuff they're cranking out currently, they should just stick with the stuff SOME people like, rather than introduce a bunch of stuff that no people like.

That's where I would have done that.

I understand the short orders for Community and 30 Rock, but Parks and Rec has never done better, even with falling numbers for its neighboring shows.