Ah, 1960. A time when you could get totally obliterated at work, as long as you were drinking some type of whisky from a tumbler.  The worst punishment for sexual harassment was a smirk.  Doctors would smoke cigarettes on airplanes filled with asthmatic toddlers and no one would bat a bloodshot eye. And the world of advertising was still rife with limitless creative opportunities, with signs of American prowess, cigarettes, sexual harassment, and whisky. This is one of the best shows on Television because it stays so true to the time—a time when you could smoke a cigarette at work and drunkenly sexually harass…you get the point.  Now go watch this show. And hey-- maybe tomorrow wear something a little more...I dunno...pretty?

Network: AMC

Airs: Sundays 10/9c

Hot chicks involved: Elizabeth Moss, January Jones, Christina Hendricks