Anyone that has ever done work as a personal assistant knows that the depths of human horribleness are much greater than the common man can fathom. You learn that the way rich people get rich and stay rich is by relentlessly treating everyone around them really, really badly.  You learn that the sound of a latte smacking you in the face is much different that the sound of a double Americano, and that it has something to do with the milk. And our collective fascination with the behavior of the powerful will never change as long as it makes such compelling TV.  VH1 continues this proud tradition with I want to work for Diddy. It is more or less the network’s crack at The Apprentice, aimed at a much younger/more hipper audience.  It’s good reality, offering the standard twists, sleep deprivation, and combination of live-wire personalities that should never share the same zip code, much less the same loft in Manhattan. Definitely worth checking out.

Network: VH1

Airs: Monday, 9pm EDT

Hot Chicks to watch for: TNA TBD.