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Buzzin: Ep. 1.05

Episode 5, “Working on Wango” stats off with the boys back on the radio. Dave immediately loses a bet and has to jump in a pond in front of a hotel.  They tour a bunch, and eventually accidently run the car off a small ledge at a gas station.

An suv full of bikini clad locals roll up. Cisco has one of the radio DJ’s call the station where they just did an in studio-performance and play their song, dedicated to the hot girls This is why rockstars get BJ’s.

Back in LA, Jordan is none too happy that the hung a car up on a wall at a gas station. He tells them to get it together and practice for an upcoming show where they’re playing with Miley Cyrus and the Jona brothers. Instead of practicing, they decide they need some R&R and head to Big Bear, a town in the mountains outside of LA. While the boys are fishing, Jordan stops in on the practice space. The secretary at the says that they called and cancelled all their reserved time.  Jordan is pissed and has his office track them down using their Myspace page.

Back on the water, the anchor line gets stuck around the boat propeller but the guide, who they refer to as “Jake Gyllenhaal from Brokeback Mountain” fixes it. They make it back and head out at night for some (probably drunken catfish fishing. Jordan appears out of nowhere and confronts them.

Jordan, and now DP and Cat have come with the intent of staying at the cabin with the boys. The first morning, they immediately start working by setting up a mobile office. Jordan and the boys head back onto the lake to fish. Jordan keeps answering his phone and working on the upcoming show, pissing off Cisco. Jordan has to take a leak, so they motor over to a floating porta potty that sits in the middle of the lake. They pull the boat away, making him promise he won’t do any more business while they’re trying to relax.  He gets back in the boat and they drop him on solid ground so he can do his job.

They play the show, which is filled with probably 10 thousand pieces of jailbait. After the show, we see what Jordan has been working on – a fly over by a lit-up plane that announces the upcoming Schwayze album. It’s a pretty lame way to do a ad. I would much rather see them spell out “Schwayze” using 100 of the 14 year old girls at the show. 

Bottom Line
Still enjoying it. And you can still catch the full episodes online.  And hey, why are the Jonas Brothers famous? I don’t get it.



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