Finally, two warriors can rise from their respective ranks and apply their battle-hardened skills toward a problem that is poised to destroy all life as we know it. One is armed with an ability to utter rhyming words in meter, often to a beat. The other is known to bang wooden sticks on a thin membrane, often getting a BJ on a boat from Pamela Anderson. Yes that’s right. Tommy Lee and Ludacris team up for an all out matching of the wits to see who can…who can…make your toilet more water efficient? What? Really. Well hopefully there’s some T&A along the way. Actually, I know for a fact that there will be. Battle Ground Earth, starting early fall on TLC.  Check it out.

Network: TLC/Planet Green

Airs: Monday at 8/7C on TLC

Hot Chicks involved: Lots of random ones.