This is it, folks. The “House” episode Thirteen fans have been waiting for. I’ll be vague so I don’t spoil it but you know from the TV spots that Thirteen is back and House finds her getting out of prison. I’m loving the bangs Olivia Wilde is rocking now.

House takes Thirteen on a road trip while the rest of the team solves a case at the hospital. Honestly, they could have taken one episode off from the medical formula for a dramatic plot of the magnitude of Thirteen’s return, but they still do both. If you’re wondering about House’s new wife, she’s mentioned in an offhanded remark, so that might not be such a permanent fixture.

It turns out an entire year has gone by since Thirteen left, and it would be House’s one year anniversary of dating Cuddy. TV time usually slows down but in this case September to April in our time actually accelerates us into the future of “House” time. Unless the season began six months in the past in which case we’re caught up to the present.

What I’m getting at is there’s a whole year of Thirteen’s story to catch up. House fills in the year and even addresses her willingness to be named a number. Thirteen creates new secrets while they’re on the road, so there’s a lot to uncover. You might wish for a little more humor in their banter. It’s just Thirteen protests and House presses, but look at it this way: they’re not sugar coating it.

House recaps his relationship with Cuddy to fill Thirteen in too. It is a real testament to the show that we love the characters so much that it’s compelling to see them go over information we already know. House’s hobby gives them something to bond over on the road, and introduces another fun House quirk and a funny western spoof.

Without House, the medical case has to compensate to keep it interesting. They throw everything at this case to try to sell it. Even with environmental factors, secrets and emotion, it’s still a medical case without House. He calls in a few times but it’s really the team on their own.

A large part of the team’s story deals with Taub and Foreman. Foreman gets really jealous of Taub’s game with the ladies. It’s funny, if a bit surprising how much focus it gets. Cuddy and Wilson are not in the episode at all.

The last thing I’ll say about “The Dig” which I think “House” fans will appreciate is this: in both of the stories, on the road with Thirteen and in the hospital with the patient, the first thing they think it is, is not what it turns out to be. Sorry for the spoiler, but it turns out the first theory is not correct and they have to revise their theory as new information comes out.

“House” is back Monday, April 11.