Spoiler alert: If you want the graphic debauchery of “Californication” season four to be a complete surprise, then don’t read this review. However, if some of the dedicated “Californication” viewers require a preview of Hank Moody’s debaucherous new shenanigans, I provide a detailed account of the upcoming season premiere.

I’ve actually lost track of “Californication.” I respect the show for being unapologetically sexual, but I found the attitude too unpleasant to subject myself too. Hank (David Duchovny) is so disinterested and aloof, no matter how clever he is I just want to tell him to stop and enjoy doing a Scientologist who vomits on a painting. But for folks who crave Hank’s attitude, season four doesn’t let up.

The season premiere picks up with Hank getting out of jail. He can’t go home to Karen (Natascha McElhone) and Marcy (Pamela Adlon) won’t let Charlie (Evan Handler) bring him home. So Hank can just roam L.A. dirty and disheveled.

First Hank and Charlie visit a bookstore where he’s been exposed, thanks to the internet, as the true author of Mia’s (Madeline Zima) book, “F***ing and Punching.” He actually meets an admirer jealous of his promiscuous lifestyle, particularly that he had a go with Mia herself.

Hank meets his lawyer Abby (Carla Gugino) and calls her a sellout in a typically clever way. His record of assault will be a problem, and by the end of the season premiere the show finally calls Hank on sleeping with a minor. It seems Gugino only has legalese and morality speeches to give in her first few episodes.

At a Hollywood meeting, Hank meets Sasha Bingham (Addison Timlin), the mega star who wants to play Mia in the movie of F***ing and Punching. She shows her breasts in the meeting to prove she’ll do nudity, and offers Hank the job to rewrite the script. So Hank can finish the script that was adapted from his own book which was stolen by Mia.

In a typically witty banter, Hank won’t tell Charlie just how many women he’s slept with, because information like that could destroy a monogamous man’s ego. However, Charlie wants to enjoy more numbers now that he’s getting divorced. Hank doesn’t exactly try to stop him.

In typical “Californication” fashion, Hank takes a meeting with Sasha where she seduces him and re-enacts the famous punch. By this point, Hank still hasn’t showered from jail and he’s still having wild experiences that he won’t enjoy. I believe it too. We see guys like that all the time. At least we get to see more Sasha.

I scanned through more episodes from this season to see what other graphic sex is in store: More Sasha in episodes 2 and 6; Charlie’s #13 riding him in episode 2, in ep. 3 Charlie’s latest conquest suggesting manscaping after a hairy blowjob, then texting while he doggie styles her, an episode 4 orgy in a film financier’s mansion and Charlie’s manscaping accident in episode 5. So a lot of Charlie.

“Californication” returns January 9th at 9PM EST on Showtime.