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Recap: True Blood: Episode 1.01
Monday, September 8 by

With the bad taste of The Lost Boys: The Tribe still souring me a little on vampires, I didn't go into HBO's new blood-sucking series with high hopes. But, despite some really bad accents and Anna Paquin's jacked up teeth, True Blood doesn't suck….yet. Plot

Recap: Entourage: Episode 5.01
Sunday, September 7 by

Last time was saw the guys, Medellin had just bombed at the Cannes and sold for the bargain price of one dollar. Now it's time to find out if E and Vince can bounce back from such an epic failure. But first, let's watch Ari yell and hot girls get topless.

MTV’s VMAs Have Now Officially Sucked for 25 Years
Sunday, September 7 by

Want to watch a three hour long inside joke between annoying celebrities and 14 year old girls? Neither did I, but I have a duty and if that means having to watch Russell Brand bomb for longer than any comedian in history, then so be it. Russell who?

MTV’s Buzzin’ Amber Alert
Friday, September 5 by

I’ve been writing recaps of the show Buzzin’ for the past month. Then one week it just didn’t show up on The MTV. The last episode that aired didn’t seem like any sort of finale. I called the Hollywood police to file a missing show report, but they didn’t seem to understand what I meant.

Recap: Mythbusters: Episode 7.03
Thursday, September 4 by

Episode: "Viral Videos." Everyone made a big deal about it when they tested the Diet Coke and Mentos myth, so I guess it only makes sense that they would devote a whole episode to wacky internet videos. I've posted the original clips of the videos they tested below, just in case you're a total n00b. The car lifted by firehoses:

Recap: Sons of Anarchy: Episode 1.01
Thursday, September 4 by

With The Shield about ready to start spending its pension checks, FX needed something to step in and provide us with our fix of violence and bad language. Judging by the first episode, it seems like Sons of Anarchy should fill that spot nicely. What happens:

New 90210 Is Just Plain Horrible
Wednesday, September 3 by

Wow, the new 90210 is really bad. I mean REALLY bad. It does one of the things that bothers me the most about bad ‘funny’ writing:  it makes the assumption that a bunch of little jokes are going to add up to make something that’s funny as a whole. Furthermore, everything they do is borrowed from another show. You just can’t pick and chose from other titles and end up with a good product.

Recap: The Shield Season 7 Premiere
Tuesday, September 2 by

We're almost at the end of the road for The Shield and I would be lying if I said it didn't make me just a little sad. For the past six seasons, this show has been giving us all the bad language and graphic violence we could ever expect to get from basic cable. It has been an awesome journey, but it looks like it's going to go out the way it came in: Kicking ass all over the place.

Recap: Mad Men: Episode 2.06
Tuesday, September 2 by

Episode: “Maidenform.” Glorious summer has come to Sterling Cooper, and what better time to focus on women’s underwear? Playtex want a new campaign to compete with the racy imaginations of their rival Maidenform (virgins with racy imaginations, oh my!).

Mad Men: Ep. 206
Thursday, August 28 by
Recap: Mythbusters: Episode 7.02 NASA Moon Landing
Thursday, August 28 by

Episode: "Nasa Moon Landing." I try to get into fist fights with conspiracy theorists as often as possible. They're usually fat guys or 15 year olds with studded leather jackets so I win pretty easily. But, the Mytbusters are taking a more tactful approach, opting to prove the cellar dwellers wrong with nerdy scientific experiments.

Recap: Man Vs. Wild: Episode 5.02
Thursday, August 28 by

Episode: "The Deep South." The south is a dangerous enough place, what with all of the cholesterol-laden foods and NASCARs whipping around all over the place, but Bear dropped himself in the middle of what he calls "Katrina Country" to bite the heads off of some snakes and piss off some alligators. The terrain:

Recap: Weeds: Episode 4.11
Tuesday, August 26 by

Episode: "Head Cheese". After last week's big happenings, things slowed down for this episode, probably so they can get everyone into position for the last two episodes of the season. It looks like some shit is about to go down. Nancy:

6 Reasons We Should All Be Glad the Olympics Are Over
Monday, August 25 by

With last night's closing ceremonies, the 2008 Beijing Olympics closed out one of the highest rated TV events in the history of the idiot box. We're all guilty of watching at least some of it, but now it's time to get back to business as usual. That business, of course, is not giving a crap about anything even remotely Olympics related.

Mad Men: Ep 2.05
Monday, August 25 by

Episode 5, “The New Girl” starts off with Pete Campbell and his wife at the doctor. The doc is smoking a cigarette and discussing fertility issues with the couple, who are having some trouble with making a baby.

Recap: Generation Kill: Episode 1.07
Monday, August 25 by

Episode: "A Bomb in the Garden." I'm a little sad that our time with recon is over, even if the last episode didn't exactly hit me with a mortar shell of awesomeness. What happened?

The Life & Times of Tim
Thursday, August 21 by

Not a lot of info yet…Airs Sept 28th, 2008 @11pm on HBO

The Simpsons
Thursday, August 21 by

The Simpsons has been churning out funny episodes since before some of you were born. Sure, it has had its ups and downs, but, ultimately, no show has turned out more laughs. Some of us have spent more time with this four-fingered, yellow family than we have with our own families and that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Best. Simpsons. Toys. Ever. From Kidrobot
Thursday, August 21 by

Don't worry, this isn't going to turn into some nerdy blog where we pine over plastic X-men or anything, but these limited edition Simpsons figures from hipster savior, Kidrobot would definitely look good all over my desk. Of course, $8 seems a little steep for a 3-inch vinyl figure, when it comes to art, I would definitely rather spend my dough on these than some painting.

10 of Fall TV’s Hottest New Chicks
Thursday, August 21 by

Fall TV is an exciting time. There are lots of new shows to be watched and complain about. But, one of the best things about the fall premieres is getting to see the new crop of beautiful ladies being paraded across our TV screens. Here's a cheat sheet of girls you might not be familiar with….yet.

Heidi Montag Makes Baby Jesus Cry
Wednesday, August 20 by

The star of The Hills recently told a reporter for E! that she believes her success is due to God liking her:

Buzzin: Ep. 1.05
Wednesday, August 20 by

Episode 5, “Working on Wango” stats off with the boys back on the radio. Dave immediately loses a bet and has to jump in a pond in front of a hotel.  They tour a bunch, and eventually accidently run the car off a small ledge at a gas station.

Recap: Weeds: Episode 4.10
Tuesday, August 19 by

Episode: "The Love Circle Overlap." I was disappointed with last week's episode, but Weeds seems to be back with the good stuff this week to make up for last week's ounce of shake. There's nothing like a drugr trip and an underage threesome to get things back into gear. Nancy:

Is 90210 the CW’s Secret Shame?
Tuesday, August 19 by

NOTE: I’m not writing this post because I think you should watch the new 90210 on the CW.

Christina Applegate’s Breasts: A Tribute
Tuesday, August 19 by

It's something of an understatement, but cancer really sucks. It kills millions of people every year and now it has taken two more innocent victims in the form of Christina Applegate's boobs. She was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and went in for a double mastectomy to get rid of it and keep it from spreading.

First Two Webisodes of The Gemini Division Hit the Web
Monday, August 18 by

I have a huge crush on Rosario Dawson. There's something about her smile that's absolutely irresistable. I think it has something to do with its close proximity to her chest. NBC is giving us all a chance to spend some quality time with Rosario in a web-only sci-fi series called The Gemini Division.

Recap: Generation Kill: Episode 1.06
Monday, August 18 by

Episode: "Stay Frosty." Hey, look! We're six episodes in and the war is still all screwed up. Who could've seen that coming? It's incredible how things just keep getting worse for these recon Marines. It wasn't bad enough that they had to deal with inept officers, but now they have a bunch of dumb-ass civilian soldiers out in the field putting everyone at risk.

Recap: The Comedy Central Roast of Bob Saget
Monday, August 18 by

While Comedy Central's batting average has been pretty solid as far as roasts go, some are definitely better than others. With a line-up that included Norm McDonald, Jim Norton and the rest of the regular roasters, I had high hopes going into Danny Tanner's event. Did it live up to the hype? Almost.

Madmen: Ep.204
Sunday, August 17 by

The episode “Three Sundays” Starts off with Peggy at church hearing the sermon of a Pastor speaking about morals. She gets up to leave, somewhat uncomfortable with the message and runs into one of the priests. He comes over for dinner with Peggy’s fam, and the sexual innuendo beings. 

Buzzin: Ep. 1.04
Wednesday, August 13 by

The episode Sticker Shock starts with Schwayze and Cisco doing a radio show with Ryan Seacrest to debut the Buzzin' single.  Afterwards, they head over to Jordan’s office to talk about the upcoming east coast radio tour. DP drops off some of the 40,000 new promo cd’s that are going to be used for their radio tour.