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House ‘The Itch’
Wednesday, November 12 by

House’s case this week involves an agoraphobic man with a case of PTSD and of course some mysterious life threatening disease. On top of that he must now face the aftermath of his lip lock with Cuddy. What does it mean? Nothing of course, House has no feelings! Or does he? Turns out House delivers some hostile insight to his reclusive patient that actually holds some truth in his own life. But does he follow his own advice? It was a close one.

Fringe ‘In Which We Meet Mr. Jones’
Wednesday, November 12 by

If you ever get a Venus fly trap in your body, you will live.

My Own Worst Enemy ‘Not My Son’
Tuesday, November 11 by

Henry Spivey has to once more contend with how much better in bed his other half is (wow, the drama), while he realizes his near nymphomaniac therapist is a secret agent as well and has to protect his secret from the agency.  Trouble brews at home too, as Henry discovers his son may have more in common with Edward than with him.  Plus, the P.I. Raymond’s wife hired digs deeper and threatens Raymond’s identity.

Heroes ‘Villians’
Tuesday, November 11 by

This episode should have been called flashbacks, because that’s where we spend more than ninety percent of our time – in the past, as Hiro navigates the visions given to him by the African dude’s paste. It’s actually not that bad – there’s a lot of stuff with the Petrellis, we get more backstory on Sylar, and more of the interplay between Linderman and Arthur is revealed. Most everything takes place between a year and eighteen months ago.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles ‘Mr. Ferguson is Ill Today’
Monday, November 10 by

"You're Not Stupid John, But Sometimes You Do Stupid Things"  should have been the title of the episode. I sometimes forget that he's a sixteen year old boy because we are constantly reminded that he's the savior of mankind but, when he does something immature and "you have got to be kidding me "worthy, it all seems to come rushing back to me.

True Blood ‘I Don’t Want To Know’
Monday, November 10 by

  With only two episodes left, things just seem to get more complicated for Sookie and the people in her life.  I honestly can’t figure out how they are going to end this first season…probably with some lame cliffhanger that will piss everyone off. 

Entourage ‘Revenge of the Seth’
Sunday, November 9 by

  Sometimes, every man has to swallow his pride like so many bitter and stale pumpkin beers left as wounded soldiers after a Halloween party. You probably did that last weekend, but at least you didn't have to deal with Seth Green biting at your ankles while you did it.

30 Rock “Believe In The Stars”
Friday, November 7 by

Tranquilizers, Freaky Friday, Olympic Tetherball, and Oprah Winfrey. Liz tells Jack that she has to fly to Chicago for jury duty. Convinced that it won’t take long to not be selected as one of the jurors, thanks to her Princess Leia costume, she tells him that she will return in no time.  This is fortunate for him because he has found himself in the middle of an Olympic controversy worse than doping.

The Office “Customer Survey”
Friday, November 7 by

False alarm bells ring when Michael decides to lie to everybody him and Holly being married while Kelly is suspected of tampering with the customer service reports that make both Jim and Dwight look bad.  The Pam/Jim thing continues as they get the latest technological device to stay in touch even longer, and Andy is on the trail of the perfect wedding location.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Thursday, November 6 by

CSI is a drama series that follows a team of forensic investigators in the city of Las Vegas.  They are on call 24/7 and are constantly trying to put together the pieces of evidence to solve the crime. The team made up of an eclectic group of people from different backgrounds provides another layer to the already fast paced profession of crime solving.

South Park About Last Night
Thursday, November 6 by

Obama wins the election and is revealed to have been co-conspiring with McCain to win it for ten years to make the ultimate heist: the Hope Diamond.  Also, a South Park resident has secrets nobody would suspect.

Terminator. The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Tuesday, November 4 by

The Sarah Connor Chronicles finds Sarah, her teenage son John, the savior of the free world, and his female protector Cameron, the most sophisticated machine from the future in a fight to change the fate of the world.

Sarah Connor Chronicles Brother Nablus
Tuesday, November 4 by

Agent Ellison should have never answered his door because maybe then he wouldn’t have had the worst day ever. He comes face to face with his clone in the form of a terminator, only then to witness Cromartie, in a sick twist of good timing, kill the terminator with a quick stab from his sword shaped hand.

Entourage: “Pie”
Monday, November 3 by

Pick any old cliché about fire (trial by fire, out of the frying pan and into the fire, etc.), and you could apply it directly to Vince's situation as he rides out in a production truck to the dry, sweltering hills of his first movie set since Medellin.

A Fanboy Rants: In Defense Of Heroes
Friday, October 31 by

Welcome to a new column where we let our many entertainment aficionado readers sound off on matters of immense import. This week’s rant comes from Brendon in Seattle, WA. With the news this morning that a previously popular television show will be losing some of its top production talent due to poor ratings, I believe you will find this opinion piece to be both timely and impassioned.  Without further adieu, I give you “In Defense of Heroes.”

30 Rock Do Over
Friday, October 31 by

The season 3 opener begins with Liz strolling to work when she is pleasantly surprised to see Jack pulling up next to her in a limo.  When he is asked by Liz how he managed to get out of his government job Jack responds vaguely that he's not at liberty to say due to it's classified natu

The Office Employee Transfer
Friday, October 31 by

Dwight and Andy have another one of their epic clashes, Pam discovers that Jim’s brothers are a couple of jerks, and Michael and Holly encounter some relationship troubles as they’re cramped in the cabin of a truck with Darrrell on an eight hour drive.Why so Serious?

South Park Pandemic 2: The Startling
Thursday, October 30 by

The four kids and Craig manage to escape from the government and become stranded in the Andes mountains,  with Craig consistently giving deadpan “you-guys-suck” variety delivery, up until the point where he leaves the group and accidentally runs into a showdown with some kind of super guinea pig.I’m Done With This

The Daily Show
Wednesday, October 29 by

Along with the her sister program Colbert Report, the Daily Show has indeed become the source of news for youngsters and fogies alike.  Always full of solid comedy and an excellent team of reporters backing Jon up, the show makes the news totally digiestible and informative.  What with the news always doing stuff, we should all be real happy that Jon and the show will be around for a

My Own Worst Enemy
Tuesday, October 28 by

Christian Slater and his clone star in a series where one Slater is a superskilled secret agent and the other is a suburban dad.  While one clone drives his kids to work, the other dishes the lead out.  Unfortunately, the clones never appear in the same scene together, you know in one of those long lost brother sortof…What?  They're the same person?  Really?

Dear Reader: Changes Are Afoot
Tuesday, October 28 by

Times are tough. Luckily the Juggernaut that is Screenjunkies has remained relatively unaffected.  You might have noticed some interruption in content lately like missing movie reviews and TV recaps.  This was due in most part to a move from our old headquarters in Dubai to our new offices just outside of Missoula, Montana. 

Heroes ‘Eris Quod Sum’
Tuesday, October 28 by

The Petrelli family comes together in a blazing confrontation of father and sons and brothers, Sylar changes sides, Peter’s powers are still lost, and Arthur Petrelli reveal more of the intentions behind his scheming.

My Own Worst Enemy ‘Hello, Henry’
Tuesday, October 28 by

Christian Slater’s inner battle with his own self, (I’m TWO people!), continues in episode 3 as his best friend Tom starts to have problems with his wife that threaten Edward’s family’s safety, plus a double-cross South of the Border is one more thing keepin’ our hero on his toes.

South Park
Monday, October 27 by

Quite possibly the best fucking show on TV right now, if not easily the most offensive and amazingly accurate when it doles out the hits on everything from Anal Probes to Peruvian pan flute bands.  If your not a fan, your an idiot!  Or a Russian.

Spike Jonez To Direct New Weezer Video
Tuesday, October 21 by

The hardest thing about filmmaking is accurately communicating the strange things in your head that seem important. This is the reason that Spike Jonez is basically my hero.  He comes up with abstract, high-concept ideas and manages to turn them into amazing finished products. Here's some videos of a few of his previous works.

Recap: Entourage Gives Ari His Shot
Monday, October 20 by

Season 5, episode 7 "Gotta Look Up to Get Down." Vince is still screwing himself (and Turtle over) by being Mr. Nice Guy while Ari gets the chance of a lifetime for killing a guy. That sounds about right. Vince:

It’s Always Sunny Gang Pulls a Kidnapping
Friday, October 17 by

Season 4, Episode 8 "Paddy’s Pub: The Worst Bar in Philadelphia” Kidnappings, Two man dick handling, and a diabetic cat. These are what you’re in for in this episode.

Recap: The Office Is Full of Mean Girls
Friday, October 17 by

Season 5, Episode 3 "Baby Shower" We expect Jan and Angela to be total bitches, but we expect more from you, Pam. Michael, Jan and Holly:

Recap: South Park Goes From Rape to Cancer
Thursday, October 16 by

Season 12, Episode 9 "Breast Cancer Show Ever" Cartman's disrespectful display during Wendy's presentation about breast cancer leads to them having a good old fashioned fight on the playground. Plot:

The 7 Most Underrated Hot Chicks on TV
Thursday, October 16 by

It's easy to appreciate the Tricia Helfers and Hayden Panettieres currently strolling across our TV screens, making us disappointed with the caliber of girls that are actually willing to spend time with us.