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St. Paddy’s Day TV Preview
Tuesday, March 17 by

Slainte! Grab some green, some kegs, some cabbage and corned beef, some shamrocks, and of course, your remote. The Leprechaun inside your TV is offering some brilliant accoutrements to accompany you through the night: Snoop Dogg talking to Busta Rhymes in soft focus while babes dance in the background, Rudy going against all odds, and a showing of Will Ferrell being hilarious while quite inebriated. Your preview after the break.   Dogg After Dark 9/8c on MTV Busta gives credit where credit's due.

12 More Insanely Bad TV Commercials
Tuesday, March 17 by

A while back we scoured the internet to bring you a collection of the worst local tv ads. We ended up finding so many that we had to give you more. This time around the selection is far crazier and far crappier. Crapzier. “Enjoy!" JONES BIG ASS TRUCK RENTAL & STORAGE This is actually a fake but it’s a charming fake so it’s too hilarious to not include. Which is a shame because if he were real, I’m sure that Toby Jones would be crowned King of Them Internets. DYNAMIC PAWN SHOP

24 Recap: 9pm-10pm
Monday, March 16 by

Bauers on the move. Police are every which way. He elbows the window of a car, hotwires it, and screeches of in a vintage Mustang that happens to have a laptop in it.

House Recap: Here Kitty
Monday, March 16 by

This episode starts off with House in his office making a miniature racetrack. He races model cars on a track made out of medical supplies. Cuddy comes into the room and tells House he should have been helping patients, instead of making a racetrack. Cuddy introduces him to a new patient. After Cuddy leaves the room, the patient seizes and pees green urine. Thus begins another episode of House. House is with the team in his office writing on the ‘symptoms board’ in green pen. Taub is late and in a bad mood. He questions House’s decision to choose this patient. House punishes Taub for his disobedience. House orders the team to test the patient’s home for outside influences that would make her pee green.

Monday TV Preview
Monday, March 16 by

Tonight's lineup is rife with hilarity! In House, people die after cuddling with kitties, whilst in 24, Jack Bauer screamingly interrogates 'Red' from That 70's Show. You have to love FOX. And frakkin' a! This is officially the last week before Battlestar Galactica ends it's glorious run at rounding one of the greatest Nerd Herds in recent memory. SciFi honors said dorks with a final special where even the Cylons get teary-eyed. Your preview after the break.  

Terminator TSCC Recap: Today is the Day
Monday, March 16 by

John copes with the loss of his girlfriend while those close to him point fingers at his suspicious cyborg. Sound AdviceJessie sits pondering in an easy chair with Riley’s corpse on the floor beside her.  A flashback occupies her mind.  In it, Derek is explaining to Jessie that he is going on a mission.  He warns her to always aim for the chip (when executing Terminators), kisses her and tells her he’ll see her later.  The flashback ends. After a moment, Jessie stands and zips up the plastic body bag covering John Connor’s late girlfriend.  Sarah is packing things into boxes when John walks in.  It’s pretty clear what’s going on–they’re moving again–so John offers to take care of the garage.  He finds Cameron there, mulling over robot parts.  Afraid of what his mother might do if she finds them, John tells Cameron to bury them so they can be incinerated later. Bad News

BSG Recap: Daybreak, Part 1
Sunday, March 15 by

It’s right there in the title:  “Part 1.”  Of course this was going to be all setup for next week’s final confrontation, so, knowing that was our expectation, Ron Moore went on a bit of different route.  Here’s the thing: it doesn’t necessarily take an apocalypse caused by Sexy Killer Robots to make life totally suck.  Life can do that all on its own, as we shall see.Edward James Olmos gets to do the previouslies, which are:    •    Starbuck found her own dead body on Earth, which sucks, and after making the mistake, or “mistake,” of confessing her deadness to Gaius Baltar, he outs her.    •    Samuel T. Anders gets a bullet to the brain, and Starbuck, having been given the transcription to “All Along the Watchtow–  Is anybody paying attention?  Is there anybody who is watching this last batch of episodes who is a NEW viewer of Battlestar Galactica?  Because DO NOT start here. Start with the mini-series, for frak’s sake. Sheesh! 

Friday the 13th Weekend TV Preview
Friday, March 13 by

It's the 13th, it's Friday, and the moon is 91% full…Things gonna happen extra weird for you today, what with it being the second freaky friday in a row. Watch out!–dogs will be able to jump extra high, babies will stare at you, and your bike just might blow up if you try riding it.  Luckily for you, TV laughs defiantly in the wretched face of superstition, offering a no-nonsense weekend of black cat bootin,' astrology free programming of superb (and almost over!) Sci-Fi drama, robots, football, and a little methamphetamine. Take charge of your destiny this Friday the 13th, by staying the hell inside! Your preview after the break.

Michael Wonka and the Paper Factory
Friday, March 13 by

Michael has another one of his brilliant ideas, this one involving sending out five golden tickets randomly to their clients, entitling the finder to 10% off their paper for that fiscal year. Unfortunately, he hides all of them in one shipment, so one company gets 50% off, as Michael wisely failed to include "limit one per customer" on any of the tickets. He must figure out a way to pin the blame on somebody else before a pissed off David Wallace shows up, and you can find out exactly how in this week's Office, right ater the jump.

30 Rock Recap: The FunCooker
Thursday, March 12 by

This week’s episode opens with our star, Liz Lemon, carrying an armload of packages to the 30 Rock building. Kenneth offers to help her with the packages, and she confides in Kenneth that she is starting fresh. She bought all the fixings necessary to get her life in order. Suddenly, she gets hit by a biker. She now knows this will be the worst day of her life. Liz comes into the studio, distressed. She calls the morning meeting and asks everyone to ‘be cool’ for the day–she doesn’t want any problems. Frank comes out of his office with no pants on, and Liz reprimands him. Liz’s assistant Cerie informs Liz she has jury duty. This day is definitely going to blow.

Thursday TV Preview
Thursday, March 12 by

Another highly dependable Thursday night of TV for you. New episodes of The Office and 30 Rock, whilst the best buddy cop movie of all time screens for you to switch back and forth during commericals. On that note, here's some completely arbitrary information–did you know they used the f-word exactly 48 times in that movie? Your much more useful TV preview after the break.

Thursday, March 12 by

Kenny has a girlfriend! Much to the chagrin of his pals, who, when they discover that she's a slut who gave a boy a blowjob in the parking lot of a TGIFridays, warn him of the dangerous diseases, like syphillis, that you can catch from that most vile repository of filth: an American woman's mouth.  Kenny is undeterred, though, and plans to use the "tingly" feeling the Jonas Brothers ignite in her to get his way. Only one problem. The Jonas Brother's new fad? Purity rings. It's the new season of South Park!!! Episode 1: The RingFull Episode Online: TV Dome

Wednesday TV Preview
Wednesday, March 11 by

Give your brain a rest, there's no new Lost tonight. Instead, work out that gut with a tremendous night of gutbustering shows from the good people at Comedy Central. South Park is back in action, kicking off it's lucky 13th season by tearing apart the Jonas Brothers, Demetri Martin explains 'safety,' Paul Rudd guests on Jon Stewart, and Colbert keeps on trying to get his name written on Node 3 of the International Space station. Your preview after the break.

Tuesday, March 10 by

.cc_box a:hover .cc_home{background:url('') !important;}.cc_links a{color:#b9b9b9;text-decoration:none;}.cc_show a{color:#707070;text-decoration:none;}.cc_title a{color:#868686;text-decoration:none;}.cc_links a:hover{color:#67bee2;text-decoration:underline;} This Thursday night, Daily Show host John Stewart is set to square off face-to-face with CNBC's Mad Money host Jim Cramer, whom Stewart humiliated on last night's Daily Show.  Apparently Cramer's been doling out some pretty unsound advice, and Stewart did nothing more than call him out on it.  Things got more heated when MSNBC's Meredith Vieira followed up with Cramer, who passed the buck to the poor shape our economy is in.  Watch Cramer stumble all over himself after the jump (go to about 3:30 into the clip) …

Tuesday, March 10 by

So it's come to this. Another Tuesday of pretty random selections; Snoop Dogg talking 'heart' (as in the kind Rudy Ruettiger had) with some NFL superstars, the beginning and end of New York City as we know it, and Dave Mordal shooting fruitcakes into the air. Tomorrow, randomness gives way for one of the (if not the) best show on TV to return. Your preview after the break.

HEROES: Old Man Gray
Tuesday, March 10 by

Claire has to decide whether she's going to help Eric Doyle or not, and her two dads are still caught with Danko's dealings when they discover what he's done to Parkman.  Sylar finally meets up with old pops, and finds something very differnet from what he expected. Hiro and Ando also pop up, too on their quest to find and protect Matt Parkman. Check out the full story after the jump. 

House Recap: The Social Contract
Monday, March 9 by

You know there is a House M.D. soundtrack in South Africa? And Hugh Laurie sings on it? That is boss. This week’s episode of House starts at a celebration for an author. His book of short stories is being published. After the author gives a speech thanking the audience, he sits back at his table. He is immediately berated with insults by someone sitting at the table. However, after every insult the man apologizes. After a while, the insulting-man’s nose starts to bleed and he passes out. We have our patient. The team is assembled in House’s office, discussing the case of this new patient. They discuss a historical case of a man who was impaled in the head with a railroad spike.  The man was argumentative and hostile after the accident. House orders a nasal probe and they use this historical case as a basis for their search.

24 Recap: 8PM-9PM
Monday, March 9 by

President Taylor is bleeding from the mouth after the swift slap from General Juma. Her daughter, crying, tells her how sorry she was for being a little brat. Juma's goons then drag away the President.Bauer whispers to Buchanan. Apparently there's an oxygen feed coming from the safe room, and if sparked, could blow away some Juma's men and give some time to get the President out."I'll read your statement," Taylor says, "but you have to release some hostages first." Juma surprisingly complies, takes one of the hostages, brings him to his feet and then caps him right in the head. Shit! Juma then demands the President do the statement. "The world is waiting Madame President."A live feed straight to internet, broadcasts Taylor's statement. She says that America's at fault, that it's a criminal act of opression from a power hungry country, etc.

Monday, March 9 by

Over the past couple seasons, Monday night on CBS has officially become the most ridiculous night on television, thanks to Ms. Kaley Cuoco, who plays Penny on The Big Bang Theory. My guess is that Penny came about late in the show's development stages, in a meeting between the writers and network execs.  My guess is, it went down a little something like this:

Commanding Monday TV Preview
Monday, March 9 by

Tonight, there's a wide range of entertainment for your viewing pleasure. A man diagnosed with the Liar Liar syndrome is brutally honest with the staff on House; General Juma totally commandeers the White House on 24; Sylar finally meets his father on Heroes; Summer Glau from Terminator:TSCC gives the nerds on The Big Bang Theory a collective boner; and John Matrix blows up everything in sight and swears at bad guys in Commando. Your preview after the break.

The Big Bang Theory
Monday, March 9 by

Leonard and Sheldon are brilliant physicists, the kind of "beautiful minds" that understand how the universe works. But none of that genius helps them interact with people, especially women. All this begins to change when a free-spirited beauty named Penny moves in next door. Sheldon, Leonard's roommate, is quite content spending his nights playing Klingon Boggle with their socially dysfunctional friends, fellow CalTech scientists Wolowitz and Koothrappali. However, Leonard sees in Penny a whole new universe of possibilities… including love.Network: CBSAirs: 8/7c

FNL Recap: New York, New York
Monday, March 9 by

Welcome back to Dillon, Panther fans. The roller coaster that is Friday Night Lights ebbed and flowed last week as well, and we may have said some teary goodbyes to some characters while getting better introductions to others. Mac McGill collapsed on the field during practice, and has been laid up in a hospital bed ever since. Coach Taylor reluctantly hired Wade Aikman, JD’s personal quarterback coach, to be his interim Offensive Coordinator. If that weren’t enough for him to chew, Tami found her dream home and put that on his plate. Cash left for the Rodeo circuit, and he and Tyra had a falling out over his reluctance to remain faithful over the stretch. Matt became frustrated with his lack of playing time and the receivers’ inability to run the correct routes, and he decided to lobby Coach to let him tryout as a receiver. Jason and Riggins went to New York to pay Wendell’s agent a visit and perhaps get Jason’s foot in the door for that job as well. Things didn’t always go to plan, just like life, and each character was judged not by the original plan, but how they responded to adversity.

Terminator:TSCC Recap: Ourselves Alone
Monday, March 9 by

Riley is back, bringing more drama to John and Sarah’s table, while a small glitch in Cameron’s wiring makes her actions volatile.To Kill A BirdThe episode begins with Cameron speaking to a bird who is flying around the living room. Cameron explains to the bird that the chimney is an unsuitable nesting spot for multiple reasons. She tells the bird that she is a migratory bird and should find a mate.  The little creature flaps its wings, and soars right into the glass screen door, falling to the ground.  Cameron picks it up and escorts it outside.  Holding it in her hand she attempts to free the bird, who cannot fly because Cameron’s is unable to release her grip.  After a moment, Cameron’s robotic fingers unwillingly clench violently, crushing the bird between them.  It’s lifeless body then falls to the ground.Riley Returns

Breaking Bad Recap: Seven Thirty-Seven
Monday, March 9 by

We join Walter and Jesse where we left them at the end of last season. Our two favorite meth manufacturers are able to produce enough pure, albeit blue, crystal meth to satisfy their new sociopath dealer named Tuco. After Tuco leaves, Walter, who is suffering from terminal lung cancer, decides he will need to make about $750,000 to leave to his wife and kids. Jesse buys a gun for protection at a fast food restaurant after he and Walter witness Tuco accidentally murder one of his lackeys. Jesse figures that Tuco will probably be coming for them to tie up all the lose ends. So Jesse and Walter contemplate murdering Tuco during an upcoming drug deal. Hank views the video from a robbery that Walter and Jesse committed at the end of last season. Hank theorizes that they’re some new big players in town and that they should be careful not to be caught by rival dealers first. Little does Hank know that Walter is the burglar from the video.

BSG Recap: Islanded in a Stream of Stars
Sunday, March 8 by

The producers of the original Battlestar Galactica had a plan.  In the late 1970s, it wasn’t uncommon for a male lead in a TV series to have a major pop career.  So when they found out early on that the Bee Gees – the biggest recording act in the known universe – were fans of their show, they reached out.  The plan was this:  the Bee Gees would write a thumping disco tune; Dirk Benedict would sing it; coke and hookers and cash to every AM station imaginable and voila! a world-wide smash that would guarantee a second season of Galactica.That song was called “Islanded in a Stream of Stars.”   I’ll be giving you a taste of the words throughout this recap.  For example:Islanded in a stream of starsDeath and betrayal is what we areTrust and love have gone so farIslanded in a stream of stars

Friday, March 6 by

Over the past few weeks, Friday nights on Fox at 9/8c have just gotten a lot hotter, thanks to Joss Whedon's new femme fatale-fest, Dollhouse.So take a moment to get to know three of the show's lethal ladies, and be sure to check it out tonight.  It's Whedon, so you know he's got some cool stuff in store.  (And yes, Buffy was a darn fine show.)Photos and info after the jump.

Breaking Bad
Friday, March 6 by

Breaking Bad follows protagonist Walter White (Bryan Cranston), a chemistry teacher who lives in New Mexico with his wife (Anna Gunn) and teenage son (RJ Mitte) who has cerebral palsy. White is diagnosed with Stage III cancer and given a prognosis of two years left to live. With a new sense of fearlessness based on his medical prognosis, and a desire to secure his family's financial security, White chooses to enter a dangerous world of drugs and crime and ascends to power in this world. The series explores how a fatal diagnosis such as White's releases a typical man from the daily concerns and constraints of normal society and follows his transformation from mild family man to a kingpin of the drug trade.Network: AMCAirs: Sundays 10/9c

Friday, March 6 by

"They Can Be Anyone You Want…"The show follows an organization that employs mind-wiped DNA-altered humans known as "Dolls" who are implanted with false memories and skills for various missions and tasks. When they are not 'at work' they are living in a real life Dollhouse which gives the show the name. One of those mind-wiped ladies, a young woman named Echo (Eliza Dushku) is slowly starting to become aware of herself and what's going on – all the while somebody on the outside is trying to bring the Dollhouse down while getting closer to Echo – possibly not aware that she is one of the Dolls he is after.Fridays @ 9PM ET/PT on FOX 

30 Rock Recap: Goodbye, My Friend
Friday, March 6 by

This newest installment of 30 Rock starts with the end of 30 Rock’s fake sketch comedy show. Everyone is clapping and joyous because the show is over. Frank asks Liz Lemon if she wants to join the writers at a bar. She says no because she will go to a donut shop instead. Pete knows that Liz is upset and asks her about why.Before Liz can answer, Jenna runs up to Liz and asks why Tracy got more lines in the show than she did. Jenna doesn’t get the response she desires and claims she hurt her ankle. She is faking the injury to get attention. Jack is still at the office after the show. He tells Liz he's committed to Elisa, and won’t do anything involving other women while she is away. He sees the writers leaving to go to the bar and Jack follows them. He knows there are no women where those writers are going. Liz and Pete are at the donut shop. The donut shop girl is pregnant. Liz is getting a dozen assorted donuts to eat at the shop, and Pete realizes she wants to stay and talk to the pregnant teen. Pete bails from the donut shop and leaves Liz alone with the girl. 

Weekend Be a Watchman TV Preview
Friday, March 6 by

This weekend, teleport to the couch, grab your snuggie, and turn into TV Watchman. Only four more episodes of Battlestar Galactica, Jason hits the big apple in Friday Night Lights, Cameron's got a nasty glitch in Terminator: TSCC, and Sunday begins the second season of AMC's excellent foray into Crystal Meth with Breaking Bad. Also, scope out the updated 'Late Show Roundup,' where the amount of stuff to watch has increased by %150. Go Watchman, Go! Your preview after the break.