Young And Restless Spoilers

Thursday, August 11 by Robin Raven

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As the spring 2011 television season steams up, fans of soaps want to be in the know, and fans will love these "Young and the Restless" spoilers. No matter what your favorite current leading character is, there are likely secrets here that will delight you and provide some insight to what lies ahead of the troubled residents of Genoa City.

Victor Newman - During the last week of March/first week of April in the "Young and the Restless," Victor Newman immerses himself in seeking revenge on those who tore his company apart. Further down the road, however, he is going to have to ask himself if he has really successfully separated Diane from Nick, and he will also question his hastily decided separation from the admitted love of his life, Nikki.

Nikki Newman – As she hides it from even her best friend, Nikki's drinking continues to hasten her downward spiral of self-destruction on "The Young and the Restless." However, a new man is going to enter her life, and the two men that love her, yet have done her wrong (Victor and Deacon), will have some serious competition.

Daniel Romalotti, Jr. and Lily Winters – These two young friends grow closer, even as Daniel fears that Lily may be losing her grasp on reality. Cane continues to reach out to Lily, who receives a mysterious text message. It's not long until Cane's deepest secret, which has yet to be revealed, comes out in the open on "The Young and the Restless.".

Sharon Newman and Adam Newman – For the last week of March, Sharon Newman's murder trail commences as Adam struggles to do everything he can to prove her innocence. Later down the road, an emotionally torn Sharon doubts her worth as an individual as many of her personal relationships dissolve and crumble around her. When she meets a kind and compassionate veterinarian, Sam Gibson, things may change for her forever. We will also see the return of Sharon's mother, Doris, who is worried about her grandchildren.

Noah NewmanNoah, the son of Sharon and Nick Newman, returns to Genoa City. The now-adult Noah also deals with the fact that his ex-girlfriend is also returning to town in "The Young and the Restless."

Billy Abbot and Victoria Newman –  These two "Young and Restless" lovebirds promise to be the star-crossed love story that has a happy ending. As descendants on opposite sides of the two big business families of Genoa City, these two prove that opposites attract. They'll continue to grow in their love, but there is a strong force that threatens their happy family. 

-Robin Raven

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