The "Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers apply to this famous soap opera on a weekly basis, as there are episodes released every day of the week with new plot twists and turns that are hard to believe, repetitive and almost funny in their seriousness. If you are a "Bold and the Beautiful" fan, you should probably stop reading right now, as these spoilers will ruin at least a week of soap opera viewing for you. However, if you don't really care, or need to catch up on a week of "Bold and the Beautiful" and don't have time to actually sit down and watch every episode, then these "Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers are a perfect way to quickly know what is going on.

Bill and Katie. There are two additions to this story line in this "Bold and The Beautiful" spoiler. Donna encourages Katie to end things with Bill. However, at the exact same time, Steffy presses Bill to dump Katie. Brooke ultimately tells Steffy she needs to back off from Bill. Steffy doesn't and continues to tempt Bill.

Liam and Amber. Ridge learns from Brooke that Liam was seduced by Amber. This "Bold and the Beautiful" spoiler reveals why Liam really cheated and that Ridge will now ask Liam to make things right with Ridge's son.

Thomas and Steffy. Despite the plot Steffy has to steal Bill, Thomas has a plot of his own. He proposes to Steffy that they join forces against their father to take him down. Money is clearly a motivating factor here.

Brooke and Thomas. The couple plans their next trip, escaping from the "Bold and The Beautiful" drama for at least a few episodes, heading to Australia. How will this affect Thomas's plot against his own father?

Hope comes to a decision. After confronting Liam about the ramifications of him sleeping with Amber, Hope comes to a decision to leave all of them behind. This "Bold and the Beautiful" spoiler reveals that Hope may no longer be a character on the show. But with soap operas, you can never tell. 

- Eli Kooris