After over 40 years, the "One Life to Live" cast had many mainstays that fans loved, retaining one of the best casts on daytime television. ABC television cancelled the popular soap opera in 2011, ending the series that featured many actors that went on to become some of the most successful stars in Hollywood.  

Tom Berenger – Tom Berenger is best known for his role as a catcher in “Major League” and the B-movie series “Sniper.” As part of the “One Life to Live” cast, Berenger played Tim Siegel, son of David and Eileen Siegel. Tim died of a brain aneurysm on the show.

Yasmine Bleeth – The future “Baywatch” superstar appeared in the “One Life to Live” cast from 1991-1993 as LeeAnn Demerest. Her character becomes involved in a scheme to help prove that Max Holden is a Buchanan before marrying Kevin Buchanan. When their marriage crumbles, she leaves for a new life in Texas.

Nathan Fillion – Before Nathan Fillion became a fanboy favorite for roles in “Firefly” and “Serenity,” he appeared as part of the “One Life to Live” cast as Joey Buchanon, one of seven actors to play the role. Fillion currently stars in the primetime hit show, “Castle.”

Laurence Fishburne – Before his cult pleasing role as Cowboy Curtis on “Pee-wee’s Playhouse,” Laurence Fishburne was part of the “One Life to Live” cast as Josh Hall. Hall was a street kid brought in and adopted by Carla Gray. His character, as well as his onscreen family, all departed the show in the ‘80s.

Marcia Cross – Marcia Cross made her name on the nighttime soaps “Desperate Housewives” and “Melrose Place,” but got her start in the daytime. She appeared as Kate Sanders in the “One Life to Live” cast. Kate was the good daughter of Judith and Charles Sanders and was, at one time, engaged to Cord Roberts.

Tommy Lee Jones – Oscar winning actor Tommy Lee Jones appeared as part of the “One Life to Live” cast from 1971-1975. His character, Dr. Mark Toland was a villain who was adulterer, blackmailer and caused the death of a patient due to his negligence. He was shot and killed on the show while blackmailing a woman.

Hayden Panettiere – Before becoming the cheerleader on “Heroes,” Hayden Panettiere starred as part of the “One Life to Live” cast as Sarah Roberts. Panettiere played Sarah as a child, the daughter of Tina Lord Roberts. She moved out of town with her mother and, when she returned, it was an adult playing her character.

Ryan PhillippeRyan Phillippe starred in the “One Life to Live” cast as Billy Douglas, a close friend of Joey Buchanan. Billy was a gay youth and always fought over the decision to tell his parents. He was important in the storyline of a priest who taught acceptance to the community.

Blair Underwood – Blair Underwood starred in the “One Life to Live” cast, a stint that led to his starring role in “L.A. Law.” Underwood only lasted three months on the show before leaving to avoid being typecast as a soap star. He has since made a career out of primetime television acting.

Brandon RouthBrandon Routh appeared in the “One Life to Live” cast as Seth Anderson. Anderson is the lover of Natalie Balsom, the daughter of Clint Buchanan and Victoria Lord. Seth arrives in town to set up Natalie’s plan to spring the news on her family since no one knows she exists but soon falls for her sister.

-Shawn Lealos