Addicts, long lost parents, shootings and paternity tests are all par for the course in these “One Life to Live” spoilers. After 43 years on the air, “One Life to Live” is being canceled. So say farewell to the back stabbing, double dealing and people coming back from the dead as their identical twin sister. These “One Life to Live” spoilers won’t tell you everything you need to know about the final episodes of “One Life to Live”, but these juicy tidbits will get you ready for for the big season finale.

Let’s play find the junkie- Tea finds out that Danni and Nate have found a syringe in Todd’s room. They don’t say what they found in the syringe, but this “One Life to Live” spoiler leads one to believe that someone is going to confronted with their drug addiction.

Long lost mothers- You can’t have a decent soap opera without at least one orphaned characters quest to find a long lost relative, and this “One Life to Live” spoiler is no exception to this long standing rule. This time it’s Deanna’s turn to announce that she’s looking for her long lost mom. Unfortunately for her, the dramatic announcement is overheard by Star and James.

Ouch! Who shot me?!-  After a lengthy stay on the hospital Todd is finally ready to solve the mystery of who shot him. In this “One Life to Live” spoiler Todd accuses Tomas of the dirty deed that almost did him in.

Who’s your baby’s daddy- Taking cue from trashy daytime talk shows, this “One Life to Live” spoiler tries to get to the bottom of who is baby Liam’s father. Natalie finds evidence John is baby Liam’s father and sets out to cause trouble for Marty.

Meet the multiples- Since “One Life to Live” is going off the air this year, it’s no surprise that the writers are going to pull out all of the stops. Multiple personalities has been a plot device that has kept viewers glued to their TVs for 43 years. This time it’s Jessica’s turn to develop a different personality, but it’s still unclear that how this “One Life to Live” spoiler is going to effect the season finale.

Daddy switch- Soap operas have been filled with shady chicks since their inception. Their duplicitous nature is part of what makes them so much fun to watch. Prepare to meet the queen bee of shady ladies when Gigi and Rex find out the Marty has switched baby Liam’s paternity test.