Want to know more about "Dragon Ball GT" episodes? "Dragon Ball GT" is the last of the trilogy of anime series focusing on Goku and his friends and their battles against evil. It is also the only series that was not based off the original manga. This is the final series in the Dragon Ball story and focuses on the next generation of Dragon Ball Z fighters more then the previous series.

  1. "Dragon Ball GT" episodes 1 – 16 make up the first arc of the series. It’s called the "Black Star Dragon Bal"l saga. In this saga Goku is aged backwards to a child by an old enemy, Gohan’s daughter Pan is introduced, and Goku, Tunks, and Pan head out on an adventure in space to collect the dragon balls. This first series sets the stage for the rest of the series.

  2. "Dragon Ball GT" episodes 17 – 40 make up the second arc in this series. It is called the "Baby" saga. In these episodes Goku and his friends battle Baby, their new enemy, who takes over Vegeta's body, are forced to evacuate Earth, and then watch as it is destroyed because of the Black Star Dragon Balls. At the end of this saga they use Namek’s dragon balls to bring back Earth.

  3. "Dragon Ball GT" episodes 41 – 47 make up the third arc in the series. It is called the "Super 17" saga. In this saga Android 17 is resurrected in hell and merged with another of Dr. Gero's creations. Andriod 18, now married to Krillin and with a young daughter, must battle him with Gou’s help.

  4. "Dragon Ball GT" episodes 48 – 64 make up the fourth and final arc of the series. It is called the "Shadow Dragon Saga." During this saga Goku and his allies must battle the evil dragon Shenron who was summoned using the Black Star dragon balls. In the final episode Goku’s dies for good but is seen watching over Vegeta Jr and Goku Jr, Pan’s grandsons, as they fight in the World Martial Arts Tournament many years later.