Here are the "Dragon Ball" episodes, which were the first part of a trilogy of anime series that centered around hero Goku and his friends. "Dragon Ball" focuses on Goku’s journeys as a child.

  1. "Dragon Ball" episodes 1 – 13 make up the first arc of the series and it is called the Emperor Pilaf saga. It's during this saga that Goku first meets Bulma and battles his first big enemy. Many of the other major characters are introduced in this arc, including Yamcha and Chi-Chi, as well as revealing Goku's transformation.

  2. "Dragon Ball" episodes 14 – 28 make up the second arc in the series the Tournament Saga. Its during this arc that Goku first meets Krillin and begins training with both. He also fights in his first World Martial Arts Tournament.

  3. "Dragon Ball" episodes 29 – 45 make up the third arc of the series introduces and is called the Red Ribbon Army saga. In this saga Goku battles an android army created by the same mad doctor that would later created Cell and Androids 16, 17, and 18 whom Goku would fight in "Dragon Ball Z".

  4. "Dragon Ball" episodes 46 – 57 make up the fourth arc of the series and it is a continuation of the Red Ribbon Army sage, it is the General Blue saga. This saga is a continuation of the Red Ribbon Army saga. Goku continues to battle the Red Ribbon Army and their main enemy is one of the Army’s Generals, General Blue.

  5. "Dragon Ball" episodes 58 – 67 make up the fifth arc of the series, the Commander Red saga. This saga includes Goku’s final battle with the officers of the Red Ribbon Army and by the end he has six of the seven Dragon Balls.

  6. "Dragon Ball" episodes 68 – 83 make up the sixth arc of the series and the Fortuneteller Baba saga. This arc follows Goku as he spends most of his time looking for the final Dragon Ball and completing tasks, often ridiculous ones, given to him by the Fortuneteller Baba.

  7. "Dragon Ball" episodes 84 – 101 make up the seventh arc of the series. The Tien Shinhan saga introduces the character Tien, later one of Goku’s closest friends. During this saga Goku and his group fight in the World Martial Arts Tournament for a second time and there is a surprising winner.

  8. "Dragon Ball" episodes 102 – 122 make up the eighth arc of the series, called the King Piccolo saga. This is the first appearance of a Piccolo and at the end the Piccolo that later becomes and ally and friend of Goku is born. To understand the entire Piccolo/Goku story this saga is a must see.

  9. "Dragon Ball" episodes 123 – 153 make up the ninth and final arc of the series. It is called the Piccolo Jr saga, during which Goku battles Piccolo Jr, who eventually splits, one half becoming the Piccolo that eventually fights on Goku’s side in "Dragon Ball Z". At the end of this saga Goku and Chi-Chi marry, marking the end of the "Dragon Ball" series.