The "As The World Turns" cast is a group of talented actors. The growing popularity of the show was the reason for makers to stretch the drama from April 1956 to September 2010. Thus, this soap opera enjoys the distinction of being the longest-running show in the United States. The fact that the show had to constantly keep changing the cast and crew to suit the changing scenarios is evident with the way the makers have rotated actors from time to time. Some of the best "As The World Turns" cast members are specified below with their necessary contributions in making the show a massive success.

Noelle Beck as Lily Walsh Snyder

Noelle Beck was the latest to take on the role of Lily Snyder from mid-2008 to the termination of the soap opera in 2010. She is a powerful performer and has used all her acting nuances to breathe life in the wonderful character she got to portray. Though Noelle acted in a lot of serials, including several "Sex and the City" episodes, she eventually got her share of fame through the role of Lily in the "As The World Turns" drama. The fact that the serial benefitted through her effervescence is not to be denied.

Terri Conn as Katy Snyder

Terri Conn is an established American actress who became one of the most popular faces on the silver screen and lent each role a certain amount of charm and grace a character originally lacked. The show was more prominent in her life not just because she got notice for her flawless portrayal of the complex character given to her, but because she met her love and life partner Austin Peck. They are now happily married and blessed with a baby girl.

Trent Ashley Dawson as Henry Coleman

Trent was a widely known face even before the series culminated and as such it would be completel justified to say that the drama benefitted because of the flawless portrayal of the character in the play. As a comedy actor he was initially sidelined to a few fillers in the background but shot back eventually with such an impact that practically left everyone exclaiming, "Wow." Sure enough, if Trent was ever to leave "As The World Turns," there would not be another to fill his place.

Eileen Fulton as Lisa Grimaldi

Touted to be the toughest ever vixen portrayal on screen with a total of eight marriages culminating in three divorces and four widowed occurrences, Lisa was an excruciating task to perform. But full credit to Fulton who took the role with élan and gave each shot her best such that you actually felt you were looking at Lisa and not Eileen. For an established actress as Eileen Fulton, what more credit can be given apart from that fact?

Don Hastings as Bob Hughes

Don Hastings is a seasoned actor having played the character of Bob Hughes in "As the World Turns" with a lot of sensitivity and style. He is one of the few stars who has the record for being on screen the most number of times for a particular show throughout the time it aired. Don has been a part of the soap ever since it started and even got to mouth the last dialogue of the series when it ended saying, "Goodnight." This alone is enough to include him in the best "As The World Turns" cast members.