Some of the best "Days of Our Lives" episodes follow the classic soap opera format of suspense and mystery, while others provide an emotional epiphany or hysterical humor that an audience can't witness anywhere else. In the world of soap opera, each episode is written to build on the previous one, with some storylines unfolding within weeks of episodes. On the air since 1965, "Days of Our Lives" has proven to be a highly entertaining source of daytime television with tales of betrayal, love triangles, paranormal revenge, and heartwarming displays of humanity.

  1. Hope Brady "dies" in an explosion. As a shocking conclusion to 1990's summer headline story, "The Cruise of Deception," the beloved wife of Bo Brady is presumed dead after several of Salem's residents witness her disappear in a dramatic explosion above a vat of acid. In a search for her husband, Hope accidently wound up in a cage with villain Ernesto Toscano after he'd shipwrecked a group of Salem residents on his Mediterranean island.

  2. Isabella appears as a ghost (1995). In a touching return from the dead, John Black's late wife Isabella appears to him as an angel following his exorcism of Marlena. The two revisit their romance, the love they have for their son and John's future without her physical presence.

  3. Sami announces she is pregnant. A pregnancy announcement isn't always a welcome celebration in Salem. Sami Brady decided to drop the bombshell at her sister Carrie's wedding. Sami wanted the groom for herself and announced that she was pregnant with Austin's child during the ceremony.

  4. Vivian buries Carly alive. In a crazed attempt to keep custody of her nephew Nikki, Vivian Alamain buried Carly Manning alive. Vivian had drugged Carly with herbs that caused paralysis. She continued to torture the mother of her nephew by communicating with her via a walkie-talkie system she had installed in the coffin.

  5. Jack and Jennifer's Honeymoon. After this 90's super couple finally wed, they tried to enjoy a honeymoon in Los Angeles. However, they were hysterically pursued by Jack's revengeful ex-wife Eve and a group of con-artists named Hawk and Desire.

  6. Shawn Douglas finds out he is Claire's father. Previously thought to be the biological child of Phillip Kiriakis and Belle Black, Claire Kiriakis's true paternity was revealed in a DNA test that her half-Aunt Chelsea Brady brought to light.

  7. Marlena is possessed. In a bold attempt to redefine daytime storyline shock value, Marlena Brady became possessed by none other than the Devil himself. After wreaking havoc and misery on the residents of Salem, the Devil is cast out of Marlena in an exorcism lead by her ex-lover John.

  8. John Black's identity is solved. Following the character's presumed death from a hit-and-run accident in 2007, John Black's true identity is revealed to be that of Colleen Brady and Santo DiMera's love child. John Black's identity had experienced several transformations, from Roman Brady to Forrest Alamain to John Stevens. John Black reemerged onto Salem's screen with not only a new name but a brand new personality. He was nothing like his previously warm and caring self and had no memories of his former life.

  9. Isabella dies of pancreatic cancer. While death scenes are common in the genre of daytime television, few are written and portrayed with a delicate sadness as this one. After learning of his wife's tragic diagnosis following the birth of their son Brady, John flew his wife to her home country of Italy. Isabella passes away in John's arms on the balcony of their hotel as he reminisces about their romance.

  10. Vivian gets buried alive. In an example of what goes around comes around, Vivian gets stashed into a coffin alive by a drunk Brady Black. The coffin is that of his late mother, whose body Vivian has removed and placed in a pet cemetery. 

- Helen Akers