The best CBS soap operas are all those soap operas that elicit some kind of emotion from you, good, bad or even embarrassing. They are shows that preoccupy the interest and time of couch-sitting, bonbon-chewing, stay-at-home soccer moms from every possible background and denomination in the country. These shows are all about the melodrama, to say the least.

  1. "As The World Turns." If you were alive as far back as 1956, then you will have remembered "As The World Turns" from when it was just a half hour in length and in black and white! This is the best CBS soap opera due to its longevity and the sheer amount of viewers that it was able to draw in at the height of its popularity in the 1970s (10 million or so). Unfortunately, this CBS soap opera was cancelled just in 2010, but it was one hell of a run. Surely, stay-at-home moms across the whole country were saddened that they could no longer chew bonbons and sit on the couch while watching this CBS soap opera.

  2. "The Young And The Restless." The second-best CBS soap is "The Young And The Restless" on account of it being the daytime drama that can boast of the highest ratings in its genre. It has had the distinction of always appearing in the Nielsen count of the top, weekly programs for decades, going all the way back to the 1980s. This soap opera is also infamous for continuing in its story line the longest-running feud between two characters on any TV show, that between Katherine Chancellor and Jill Foster Abbott.

  3. "The Bold And The Beautiful." "The Bold And The Beautiful" is the only soap opera on TV nowadays that only endures a running time of a mere 30 minutes. Yet that does not mean this show is any worse than the others--it just means that CBS refused to see fit to extend it for another 30 minutes! This CBS soap opera is also unique in how it especially peddles to and tries to curry favor with Spanish viewers. It does this by using a lot of Spanish-language references on its show like the Daddy Yankee song called "Pose." It is set in LA, and it features the fashion house business called Forrester Creations.