To be considered one of the best "General Hospital" cast members ever, a daytime television performer needs to bring a unique flair to the small screen. The best "General Hospital" cast members aren't necessarily the ones that get formally recognized through the receipt of a Daytime Emmy or a Soap Opera Digest Award. However, many of the best cast members have not only received formal recognition, but have been able to engage their audience to the point of solely watching the show to witness what will happen to their character.

  1. Kimberly McCullough. The actress originated the role of Robin Scorpio at the age of seven and has been a mainstay of the show ever since. McCullough returned to her full-time "General Hospital" cast member status in 2005. She won a Daytime Emmy for her performances on "General Hospital" and has been featured in some of the show's most poignant storylines. Robin would not be as relatable and lovable without McCullough's authentic and solid on-screen interpretation.

  2. Kirsten Storms. This "General Hospital" cast member took over the role of the feisty, but well-intentioned Maxie Jones in 2005. No stranger to daytime, Storms was previously well-known for her portrayal of Belle Black on "Days of Our Lives." The actress has received a Daytime Emmy nomination for her portrayal of Maxie and has displayed her incredible range of acting talent in her interpretation of this character. Storms is both humorous and poignant as Maxie, with the ability to stir a deep emotional connection in her audience.

  3. Laura Wright. As the fourth cast member to take on role of Carly Corinthos, Wright has proven that she has both the talent and on-screen charisma to pull off the interpretation of a difficult character. Wright brings a softened version of Carly to the screen, but sticks to the character's core personality of dysfunctional choices and self-sabotage. She also brings a sense of playfulness to the role that is both charming and engaging to watch.

  4. Julie-Marie Berman. Winner of a Daytime Emmy award for Outstanding Younger Actress, Berman is the originator of the role of LuLu Spencer. Julie has consistently displayed performances of depth and strong interpretive choices which leave no doubt in the audience's mind as to the motivations of her character.

  5. Carolyn Hennesy. In addition to being one of "General Hospital's" cast members, the actress also stars on "Cougar Town." As Diane Miller, Hennesy displays an undeniable blend of sarcasm and wit with enough entertainment value to surpass the small on-screen presence of her character.

  6. Maurice Benard. As Sonny Corinthos, Benard has tackled more than his fair share of tough storylines. However, Benard has managed to pull them off with both meaning and believability.

  7. John Ingle. As the show's patriarch Edward Quartermaine, Ingle displays humorous sarcasm that will leave you laughing and shaking your head at the same time.

  8. Amber Tambyln. Though no longer an active "General Hospital" cast member, Tamblyn originated the role of Emily Quatermaine. As her alter ego developed, so did Tamblyn's acting ability, which lead the actress to a successful prime time and film career.

  9. Stuart Damon. Damon portrayed Dr. Alan Quartermaine, another member of Port Charles' staple family. In his character's storyline of pain killer drug addiction, Damon showed stretch as an actor, making the interpretation not only believable but almost life-like. In his character's "ghostly" appearances, Damon has continued to bring life to his character's ability to jokingly reveal the underlying truth.

  10. Dahlia Salem. Salem is a recent addition to the list of "General Hospital" cast members. Showing promise in her portrayal of attorney Claire Walsh, Salem exhibited great on-screen chemistry with co-star Maurice Benard. While Salem's on-screen presence seems to have been put on the back burner lately, she is an extremely focused performer who delivers characters who are tough, yet simultaneously heartfelt enough to root for.   

-Helen Akers