Unfortunately, "As the World Turns" spoilers now only apply to past episodes as the popular CBS soap opera was cancelled in 2010 after a 54-year run. But thanks to YouTube as well as paid and free video sharing sites, fans can still watch the series and find plenty of classic "As the World Turns" spoilers.

Who was one of the last characters to die on the show? Death is a popular topic in the "As the World Turns" spoilers. One of the last characters to die on the show was Nancy Hughes, the classic elegant matriarch of that family.

Who was the last couple to get married in "As the World Turns" land? Jack Snyder and Carly Tenney, or "Carjack," married yet again on the show's last episode. Plenty of "As the World Turns" spoilers over the last two decades of the show dealt with the fate of this on-again, off-again supercouple.

Why did Rosanna and Carly hate each other for years? Near the end of the show's run, rivaling cousins Rosanna Cabot and Carly Tenney Snyder finally made their amends. They had quarreled for years over money and Carly's ill-fated affair with Rosanna's one-time fiance, Mike Kasnoff. Also, Rosanna always seemed to lose other men, including Craig Montgomery, to Carly.

Who was the last person on the show to become pregnant? "As the World Turns" spoilers always deal with pregnancy. Carly was the last person on the show to become pregnant. Ironically, she discovered her pregnancy not long after helping Jack's ex-wife, Janet, deliver her child.

- Stephanie Mojica