“As the World Turns” episodes ran from 1956-2010. “As the World Turns” was set in the fictional town of Oakdale, Illinois. It is the 2ndlongest running soap opera in American history. The show was mainly centered on the Hughes family with added characters usually having some connection to the family.

Episode 13191- Season 52- This “As the World Turns” episode aired on 01/25/2008. Margo arrests Holden for Dusty’s murder. Parker believes Sam is setting him up and tells his parents his thoughts. Holden doesn’t reveal that it was Lily holding the syringe in her hands.

Episode 12616- Season 50- aired on 10/11/2005. Carly and Jack continue to look for Gwen and Will. Jack receives a lead on Iris’ case. Lily tells Keith to move out.

Episode 12617- Season 50- This “As the World Turns” episode aired 10/12/2005. Jack and Carly go to New York to track Iris. Emily hides from Jennifer and Dusty. Mike is hit on the head with a beam his first day at work.

Episode 12644- Season 50-aired 11/18/2005. Emily worries that she will never be first in Paul’s life like his mother and children are. When Paul and Barbara have a conflict, Paul assures Emily she will always be first in his life.

Episode 12861-Season 51- This “As the World Turns” episode aired 09/26/2006. Holden and Luke search for Lily who is missing. Gwen and Will make love. Dusty and Lucy walk through a storm to get Johnny to a hospital.

Episode 12655- Season 50- aired 12/17/2005. Mike believes Olga is after him. Mike saves Maddie. Later that day, from being hit by a car.

Episode 12877- Season 51- This “As the World Turns” episode aired on 10/26/2006. Hal is killed in the line of duty. Jack takes his friends death very hard. Carly comforts Jack in his time of need.

Episode 12913- Season 51- aired 12/14/2006. Lucinda protects Lucy from Craig. Lucy and Johnny leave Oakdale to start a better life. Lily discovers Holden wasn’t having an affair but was taking dancing lessons.

Episode 12641- Season 50- aired 11/15/2005. Iris sets a trap for Will. Mike and Katie discover B.J. is being investigated by the FBI. Meg tells Paul he can’t use her.

Episode 12660- Season 50- This “As the World Turns” on 12/14/2005. Dusty tells Jennifer that Billy is her child. Paul wants to tell Jennifer the truth about what he did. Meg doesn’t believe she deserves Dusty.