Telenovela fans will appreciate these five best Mexican soap operas. Mexican television serial novels are extremely popular in the Latin American world. Mexican soap operas differ from American soap operas in that they have a distinct ending. A series may run for a few months or a few years, but the story eventually ends. Several sub-genres are represented in this list of best Mexican soap operas, including working class melodrama, historical romance, teenage drama, and pop band stories.

  1. “Clase 406” “Clase 406” is a popular Mexican telenovela that focuses on Hispanic teen culture and some of the problems modern kids deal with, such as drugs, sex, abuse, and heartbreak. The series, which originally aired between 2002 and 2003, brought fame to La Quinta Estacion, a Spanish rock band popular in Mexico.

  2. “Maria la del Barrio” “Maria la del Barrio” is a Mexican working class melodrama. The story centers on an orphaned teenage girl who is placed in the family of her priest’s wealthy benefactor. Starring Thalia, Fernando Colunga, and Iran Eory, the series originally aired between 1995 and 1996.

  3. “Martin Garatuza” “Martin Garatuza” is a historical romance set during Mexico’s colonial period. Martin Garatuza was a famous trickster whose frauds and escapes are legendary in Mexican language and folklore. The 1986 television series stars Manuel Landeta, Mariana Levy, and Julieta Egurrola.

  4. “Rebelde” “Rebelde,” translated “Rebel” or “Rebellion,” is a soap opera fan favorite in Mexico. Set in a prestigious Mexico City prep school, the popular teen series (often compared to “Saved By The Bell” and “90210”) originally aired between 2004 and 2006. It also spawned the award-winning Mexican pop band called RBD.

  5. “Simplemente Maria” “Simplemente Maria” or “Simply Maria” is considered one of the best Mexican soap operas around the world. The 1989 telenovela is a romantic drama that features a rich cast of evil characters. The series stars Victoria Ruffo, Manuel Saval, and Jaime Garza.