The four main characters in the "Yes, Dear" cast included two couples, among them a pair of sisters, each married and with kids.  The young couples lived together as they raised the children with opposing viewpoints on parenting. The situational comedy "Yes, Dear" aired for six seasons on CBS from 2000 to 2006.  

Anthony Clark as Greg Warner  

Former stand-up comic and later host of the reality series "Last Comic Standing" Anthony Clark portrayed successful film executive Greg Warner in the "Yes, Dear" cast.  Anthony was married to Kim Warner and together the couple had two small children, Sam and Emily.  

Jean Louisa Kelly as Kim Warner

Wife of Greg Warner, Kim Warner, portrayed by Jean Louisa Kelly, was a stay-at-home mother to Sam and Emily.  Much like her husband, Kim was slightly uptight and neurotic, determined to be the perfect wife and mother.  Prior to joining the "Yes, Dear" cast, Jean Louisa Kelly appeared in films such as  "Mr. Holland's Opus" and "Uncle Buck."  

Liza Snyder as Christine Hughes  

Sister to Kim Warner, Christine Hughes was also a stay-at-home mother to two, but nearly a complete opposite from Kim.  Christine took a more laid-back approach to life and parenting, a view shared by husband Jimmy Hughes.  Liza Snyder portrayed Christine in the "Yes, Dear" cast after appearing in other CBS shows such as "Chicago Hope" and "Murder, She Wrote."  

Mike O'Malley as Jimmy Hughes  

Husband to Christine, Jimmy Hughes was a father and security guard who once worked at the motion picture studio that also employed brother in law Greg.  Much like Christine, Jimmy took an easygoing approach to life and parenting.  Mike O'Malley joined the "Yes, Dear" cast after hosting several Nickelodeon game shows, appearing in films such as "The Perfect Man" and "28 Days" and starring in his own series, "The Mike O'Malley Show."

-Angela Huetteman