Wonder Years Cast

Sunday, October 2 by J Hardy

Navigating those awkward teen years, wrangling your first kiss and surviving the torment of a douchebag older brother are just a few of the television moments brought  to us by "The Wonder Years" cast. As viewers got to know Kevin Arnold and his friends and family, we were able to appreciate the ups and downs of puberty, and how much better it gets. Amazingly, the young cast survived the Hollywood child actor syndrome and none have had a mug shot on a tabloid cover.

Kevin Arnold played by Fred Savage.

Kevin wasn't brilliant or sassy or talented. He was a regular kid coming of age in the 1960s and Fred Savage conveyed the gawky insecurity of growing up brilliantly.  After "The Wonder Years", Savage continued to act, though he took a few years off to get an English degree from Stanford. He added directing to his resume with episodes of "Party Down" , "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" and many other comedies.  He continues to act, do voice work and direct.

Wayne Arnold played by Jason Hervey. 

Wayne was the big brother who loved nothing more than torturing his little brother Kevin and his friends. When the show ended, Hervey continued acting, primarily with voice work and began producing. His producer's hat brought us reality gems like "Confessions of a Teen Idol" and "Beverly Hills Fabulous". In 1998, he married former adult star Angel Hart—way to go!

Paul Pfeiffer played by Josh Saviano.

Paul Pfeiffer was Kevin's nerdy best friend. Though Saviano left acting after the series ended, his legacy is undeniable. Paul Pfeiffer inspired the creation of Millhouse VanHouten on “The Simpsons”. Saviano didn't fall into the former child actor abyss, he attended Yale and went on to become an attorney.

Winnie Cooper played by Danica McKellar.

Winnie Cooper was the girl of Kevin's dreams and the chemistry between McKellar and Savage was undeniable. After “The Wonder Years” McKellar worked off and on while studying mathematics at UCLA. She splits her time between math and acting, appearing on “The West Wing” and “NCIS” among other shows. She has also published three books on math, geared towards girls in middle school and high school. Brains and beauty, she sounds like a dream girl off screen too.

Norma Arnold played by Alley Mills.

If real moms in the 60s had been more like Norma Arnold, Valium wouldn't have been so popular, but Alley Mills brought a realistic sweetness to her role. She continued her acting career appearing in episodic TV like "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" and "Yes, Dear" In 2006 she landed the role of Pamela Douglas in the daytime drama "The Bold and the Beautiful."

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