Over the years, the “Charmed” cast has entertained us with the idea of three witches that could save the world from evil Fighting the bad witches and warlocks along with other demons that tried to kill them and steal their powers, the “Charmed” cast kept us enchanted with their potions and chants. We watched the Charmed ones learn and grow their powers as they mastered how to be the most powerful trio to fight black magic.

Holly Marie Combs

As Piper, she was the sister with the level head. Paige was the voice of reason and the mother of Chris and Wyatt. Piper married her white lighter, Leo. Before she joined the “Charmed” cast, Holly Marie Combs was best known for her role as Kimberly Brock in “Picket Fences.”

Rose McGowan 

A late comer to the show, Paige took the place of Pru after her untimely death. She was written in as a half sister to Piper and Phoebe. Her role in “Charmed” was proceeded by various small television and movie roles.

Shannen Dougherty

As the oldest sister, Pru, she was the matriarch of the family after Grams’ death. Unfortunately, she was killed while defending the innocent against evil. Her other large television roles included “Beverly Hills, 90210” and “Our House.”

Alyssa Milano

As Phoebe, she was the youngest sister. She wore her heart on her sleeve and fell in love with a demon, who was caught between evil and his love for her. Her career took off with “Who’s the Boss” in the 80s and then in the 90s with “Melrose Place”  and "Embrace Of The Vampire" before landing her role as Phoebe in “Charmed.”

Julian McMahon

Cole was the demon that was caught between his heart and his head, between good and evil. He was a demon by trade but his heart led him into the light when he fell in love with Phoebe. Although he did not appear in as many episodes as the other characters, Cole played an important part in the Charmed ones' lives.

- Sandy Baird