Surprisingly, a lot of these actors' careers died down after their reign of being a "Step by Step" cast member was over. For such a popular series, one would think it would propel, instead of decline, careers. The series "Step by Step" ran from 1991 to 1998 and was based around a step family and their daily lives. All of these cast members starred in all seven seasons of the half-hour TGIF comedy series.

Patrick Duffy.

Born in 1949, Duffy became a heartthrob on television long before some of his "Step by Step" cast members were out of elementary school. From 1978 to 1991, he starred on the hit television show "Dallas" as Bobby Ewing. Mid-series, his character died by getting run over, but was ultimately brought back to life by the disappointing Hollywood dream sequence trick. The same year "Dallas" ended he started portraying husband/father Frank Lambert on "Step by Step." In 2006, he took a small role on the soap opera, "The Bold and the Beautiful," and it turned into a permanent gig. To this day, he still portrays the character Stephen Logan on "The Bold and the Beautiful."

Suzanne Somers.

In 1977, Somers made her mark in Hollywood when she portrayed Chrissy Snow on the classic television show, "Three's Company." She was ultimately fired over a salary dispute, and it took six years for her to land another steady gig, which was in the series, "She's the Sheriff." Her big comeback was becoming a "Step by Step" cast member, in which she portrayed wife/mother Carol Foster. Once the show concluded in 1998 her acting career dwindled into non-existence. She has not acted since 1999 because she transitioned from actress to successful businesswoman and author. Currently, she has released over ten books, and sells a line of Somersize products on the Home Shopping Network which includes clothes, exercise videos, books, and more.

Staci Keanan.

Keanan had working on a television series down pat by the time she became a "Step by Step" cast member. Prior to playing the perfectionist Dana on "Step by Step," she had a starring role on the series "My Two Dads," which lasted for three seasons. Once "Step by Step" concluded in 1998, her acting career seemed to also. In 2010, she starred in the direct-to-video movie "Sarah's Choice" and the big screen comedy "You Again."

Christine Lakin.

As a "Step by Step" cast member, Lakin portrayed the tomboy Alicia 'Al' Lambert. Prior to "Step by Step" she only starred in one TV movie titled "The Rose and the Jackal." She was the ugly duckling who became a swan, and just like her character blossomed on the show, so did her acting career. She may not get the big roles, but she has been a steady actress ever since her career as a "Step by Step" cast member ended. In 2010, she had eleven projects which includes "Family Guy" voice work, a guest starring role on the series "NCIS" and a role in the movie "Valentine's Day."

Brandon Call.

Born in 1976, he became a steady actor in 1984. In 1989, he became a cast member on "Baywatch" for one season in which he played David Hasselhoff's characters son, Hobie. Right when his stint on "Baywatch" was over he joined the "Step by Step" cast as the slacker John Thomas 'J.T.' Lambert. He clearly made the right career move by joining the "Step by Step" cast, because he quickly became a teen heartthrob. Once "Step by Step" was canceled, he quit acting. No details were revealed about why he had a change of heart, but he is alive, just not in the entertainment industry.

- Natalie Kuchik