For eight seasons, the “Will and Grace” cast has entertained us with new antics each episode. The characters were a mish mash of ranging alcoholics, gay men, and a straight interior designer. The unlikely pair of “Will and Grace” came together out of friendship and necessity. “The Will and Grace” cast is made from primarily four people that contributed to every episode and a housekeeper we rarely saw.

Debra Messing 

As the interior designer of the “Will and Grace” cast, Grace Adler is sharing an apartment with Will, a gay lawyer. Debra Messing adds spunk and charisma to her character while playing her role seamlessly.

Megan Mullally 

As Grace's assistant, Karen Walker, we see her as a whining shopaholic that drinks too much and doesn't do any work at all. Although she is a great actress and plays her role well, Mullally's voice is like nails on a chalkboard and and can make watching the show unbearable at times.

Eric McCormick 

As gay lawyer, Will Truman he plays his role well. At a glance you would never know that Will was gay. In fact his acting leads one to believe he is straight acting gay instead of the other way around.

Sean Hayes 

Jack is Will's gay friend. And it is obvious. Although it would appear that Sean Hayes was made to be on the a sitcom king, his biggest role was as Jack McFarland and has not had the same stardom since.

Shelley Morrison 

As Karen's housekeeper, Rosario, we seldom saw her but heard Karen yelling and giving orders over the phone a number of times. Her role on “Will and Grace” was her first big role since the late 60's when she played Sister Sixto on “The flying Nun”.