An art thief and an FBI agent working together to catch criminals is the kind of action you will see on the “White Collar” episodes. This unlikely union began when Neal escaped from prison and Peter caught up to him once again. Instead of sending Neal back to prison, Peter decided he could pay his debt to society by working with the FBI in hunting down criminals in these “White Collar” episodes.


“Withdrawal” - Season two, Episode one

Neal plays with a doubled edged sword. He is out to find who killed Kate and the pain of his loss is the driving force. On the other hand, Neal and Peter are having their every move watched by the FBI and they can not make a mistake or Neal will be headed back to prison and Peter will be headed to the unemployment line in this “white Collar” episode.



“Point Blank” - Season two, Episode nine

In the search for the answers about the second song on the music box, Neal and Mozzie get too close to finding out the answers and Mozzie's life is in danger. Peter takes Neal off the case for disobeying orders.



“The Pilot” - Season one, Episode one

Neal has a choice to make. He can either spend four more years in prison or he can help the man who put him there. Peter offers Neal a chance to stay out of jail.



“Bad Judgment” - Season one, Episode eight

A federal probate judge is under investigation after Peter and Neal find she is the only link between bank foreclosure that never should have happened in the past two years. With signed paperwork on the side of the bank, they must prove that there should not be a foreclosure in this episode of “White Collar”.



“The Portrait” - Season one, Episode four

When Neal sets up a sting to catch an art thief that goes bad, Peter needs to hurry and get the painting back and the FBI's money. They also need to figure out who the painting actually belongs to in order to close the case.


 - Michael Baird