If you enjoy the hit show "White Collar" on the USA Network, then you might enjoy learning about the "White Collar" cast. "White Collar" is a show about an FBI agent and his unlikely friendship and partnering with an ex-convict that has a lot of knowledge that is helpful with various cases. The FBI agent had been trying to catch this criminal for years and was finally the person to put him behind bars. Now they are not only partners, they are friends of sorts.

Matt Bomer.

Matt Bomer plays Neal Caffrey, who is the ex-convict as part of the "White Collar" cast. He has been in a variety of television shows and has been seen in such movies as "Flight Plan" and "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning."  Matt worked on stage first, then found roles in television.

Tim DeKay.

Tim plays Peter Burke on "White Collar," who is an FBI agent that was the one who eventually caught Neal Caffrey and put him behind bars until his conditional release. Tim DeKay has been seen on many television series such as "Carnivale" and "Tell Me You Love Me." He has an extensive Broadway resume and has been seen in feature films such as "Swordfish."

Tiffani Thiessen.

Tiffani may be best known for her role on "Beverly Hills, 90210" but has been seen in Hollywood as a television actress for many years. She currently plays Peter Burke's wife on "White Collar", Elizabeth Burke.

Willie Garson.

Garson plays the character of Mozzie on "White Collar" and is frequently recognized as Carrie's friend on "Sex and the City," played by Sarah-Jessica Parker. Willie Garson has been in over 70 movies and 250 television shows while maintaining a close relationship with stage theater. He is also an expert poker player and a Wesleyan graduate.

Marsha Thomason.

Playing Diana Berrigan in the "White Collar" cast, Marsha Thomason is a British actress that has been in a myriad of American and British movies and might be recognized as playing Eddie Murphy's wife in "The Haunted Mansion" as well as a character in the hit show, "Lost."

Sharif Atkins.

Sharif Atkins plays Jones on "White Collar" and has an extensive background in acting. He started out in theater but may be remembered as being as regular on "E.R." for five seasons. He has mostly stayed with television series and movies and is well known as a guest actor on many popular shows such as "Criminal Minds," "CSI: Miami" and "The West Wing."

Now you know a lot about the "White Collar" cast and while you may be an avid watcher, you can be an expert on the real actors that play your favorite characters. At the very least, you will know where you've seen them before.