“Weeds” is a television drama that began airing on Showtime in 2005. It stars Mary-Louise Parker who plays the widow mother of two boys who has trouble supporting her family. Not seeing any other way to take care of kids, she turns to selling marijuana. This is the whole concept of the show’s title.

As the show progresses it takes many twists and turns. Now the question is this. If you are a fan of the show, which episodes are your favorites? Could they be among this list?

  1. "Higher Education": This was episode 7 of Season 1. Nancy moves up in the business and becomes known as a rival.

  2. "Yeah, Like Tomatoes": This was episode 11 of Season 2.  The main plot of this episode was the fact that Nancy begins to look for other people in the business for help. Kat also has a secret.

  3. "Risk": This was episode 13 of Season 3. Nancy tries out a source. Yet, it doesn’t work out the way she had hoped.

  4. "The Three Coolers": This was episode 4 of Season 4. This is one of the best episodes of “Weeds” because the way it starts out, you know that something major is going to happen at any second. The family returns home and Mary quietly sits on the Bubbie’s empty bed. A candle is lit. There is talk about a will. Len speaks up and says everything will be going to him.

  5. "A Yippity Sippity": This was episode 4 of season 6. This episode was considered a favorite by many because mother Nancy ends up going back to selling marijuana. Andy tried getting a job as a dishwasher but just can’t get along with the head chef of the hotel. Before the episode is over, Nancy gives up and ends up selling weed again to gain some extra cash.

If you think you might have missed any of these episodes of “Weeds” have no fear, these episodes and more can be found on the DVD collection of “Weeds” wherever videos are sold near you.

- Linda McCloud