If you're a true fan of science fiction, then you absolutely must take in the hit television series "V" episodes that will stimulate your imagination with vivid characters and gripping stories. "V" debuted on the ABC network in 2009. The plot revolves around an advanced alien species that comes to Earth espousing peace but with more nefarious intentions. A brief summary of some of the more memorable "V" episodes:

  1. The Pilot. The show begins with the arrival of more than two dozen alien ships hovering over several major population centers around the world. Moments later a video image of Anna, the alien commander, fills the sky. Anna espouses peace: "We mean you no harm." Anna explains that the aliens have come to Earth for water and a rare mineral that is abundant on Earth. The doubts begin immediately, and by the end of this episode we learn that Anna and her visitors have far different intentions. This "V" episode first aired on ABC on Nov. 3, 2009.

  2. Season 1 cliffhanger. A resistance force posing as Visitors makes it aboard Anna's mothership. Led by FBI Agent Erica Evans, the resistance succeeds in destroying all but twelve of Anna's soldier eggs. Anna is in agony over this betrayal and as this episode ends, brings an armada of ships to striking distance of Earth. Clouds of red are seen rolling across Earth's skies. On Earth, Father Jack Landry prematurely declares victory. This "V" episode first aired in May 2010.

  3. Season 2 kickoff. Continuing where Season 1 left off, Earth is in the fourth day of something called "Red Sky." It's not clear to anyone on Earth what Red Sky is. Aboard the mothership, Agent Evans decides she decides she needs to trick Anna into telling her. Anna mysteriously claims that Red Sky is a gift to mankind. Later, Sidney, a scientist, discovers a common compound between an alien skeleton and Red Sky - phosphorous. As this "V" episode concludes, the resistance realizes that Anna is using Red Sky to breed Visitors through humans. 

  4. Concordia. Anna announces a worldwide urban renewal project, which is actually a new plan to breed Visitors. Anna plans a big party to announce her plans. Her ulterior motives are to create landing sites around the globe to pave the way for an invasion. Agent Evans sets up an assassination plot for the gala, which goes awry when someone tips off Anna's advisers. One of those advisers takes the bullet for Anna, with disastrous consequences for the resistance. This "V" episode aired in the winter of 2011.

  5. Mother's Day. In another plot to counter the Visitors, Agent Evans stages a fake kidnapping of Lisa, Anna's daughter. Her goal is to draw Anna away from her security team and lure her to her demise. Anna is again one step ahead of the resistance. Later, Agent Evans in taken captive. It turns out she's been grabbed by a group of government officials who have gone underground to better organize counterattacks. This "V" episode ends with people on Earth being put under a spell by the Visitors. This episode aired March 15, 2011.

- Ben Rand