UH? The Home Improvement Cast

Wednesday, December 28 by Marina Zaven

patricia richardson

Patricia Richardson. After eight comedy seasons of the male-centric “Home Improvement” show, Richardson went on to the uber-female Lifetime network for the drama “Strong Medicine.” She also played Alan Alda’s campaign director for the last two season of “The West Wing.”

taran noah smith

Taran Noah Smith. The youngest Taylor son, Mark, was often took the brunt of his older brothers schemes. In real life, Smith has had to fight his parents for control of his earnings after they allegedly spent a large portion of his childhood earnings. He put his vegan lifestyle into a business venture called Playfood, Inc. with his then-wife, Heidi van Pelt. Sadly, they soon headed to both divorce and civil court severing their personal and professional ties, which made Smith fodder for the tabloid circuit.

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