UH? The Home Improvement Cast

Wednesday, December 28 by Marina Zaven


Pam Anderson. Better known for her red bikini on Baywatch,” this blonde beauty first titillated the TV audience as Lisa, the “Tool Time” shows eye-candy assistant for “Home Improvement” during the first two seasons.  To many, Pam will be best remembered for the “stolen” sex tape featuring the well-endowed Mr. Anderson, a.k.a. Tommy Lee of Motley Crue, and his well-endowed missus, enjoying a quiet evening at home.

richard karn

Richard Karn. As Tim’s long-suffering co-host, Al Borland, Karn brought the much-needed mechanical competence to the show-within-the-show” “Tool Time.”     After the series ended, Karn transitioned to game show host, helming “Family Feud” for four seasons and currently presenting “Bingo America.”

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