UH? The Home Improvement Cast

Wednesday, December 28 by Marina Zaven

Home Improvment cast sidebyside

The cast of “Home Improvement” spent eight highly rated seasons (1991-99) on television and have gone on to collect a steady residual income from the show’s endless life in rerun syndication. Surprisingly, beneath the sunny suburban exterior, the actors behind the hit show include a felon, a sex tape star and a lawsuit-happy vegan. An all-American sitcom family, “Home Improvement” remained a top ten show throughout the 90s and had its own trademark catchphrase—“UH,” the sound of a confused groan. The Taylor clan (patient wife, Jill, and three smart-aleck sons) endured the well-intentioned buffoonery of dad, Tim, who worked as a host of the handyman show, “Tool Time.” The covered the usual family situational comedy storylines, but managed to keep the slapstick quotient high amidst the heartfelt moments.

tim allen

Tim Allen. Born Timothy Dick, he was lucky (or fated) to develop a sense of humor. Allen began standup comedy in Detroit, Michigan during the mid-1970s, but a drug arrest sent him to federal prison for over 2 years. He eventually made his way to Los Angeles, where comedy club and late night guest appearances led to his own series. Once “Home Improvement” made him a star, Allen translated that popularity to big screen success in “Toy Story” and “The Santa Clause.”  He recently returned to TV in a new sitcom “Last Man Standing.”

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