Fans of HBO’s hit drama “True Blood” love their show to death, but more than getting to know the characters, what the fans really want are some juicy “True Blood” spoilers. Well, they got their fill with the last season which was certainly a game changer for the show in many respects. Here’s just a taste of what they got.  

Vampires and werewolves aren’t always enemies. While considered mortal enemies, a new character arrived on the scene to prove that they can find common ground when need be, and Russell Edgington, the Vampire King of Mississippi, was just the character to do it. It was revealed on of the earliest “True Blood” spoilers that by getting a few packs of wolves addicted to V, a drug made from vampire blood, he got them to do whatever he wanted.  

Sookie is a fairy. Ever since the first episode of the show, Sookie has exhibited powers that no one could really explain. However, all was made clear to her in one of the more shocking “True Blood” spoilers after a vision took her to the fairy dimension and they revealed her true nature. The bad news is that she is the last one of her kind on earth and that her blood is like a drug to vampires that allows them to temporarily walk in the sun.

Arlene is pregnant with a killer’s baby. Meanwhile, back in the world of the humans, Arlene, one of the only truly human waitresses at the local bar, Merlot’s, discovers that she is pregnant. However, her joys turn to fear when it’s revealed in this “True Blood” spoiler that the father is none other than her dead husband, Rene, who was a serial killer.

Sookie was Bill’s mission. Viewers of “True Blood” were always led to believe that the pairing of Bill and Sookie was something almost pre-ordained. However, a great “True Blood” spoiler revealed that Bill had been sent on a mission by the Vampire Queen of Louisiana to hunt her down and figure out the origin of her powers. While he did unintentionally fall in love with her, he never told her the truth until Eric, the vampire sheriff in the region forced Bill to tell her.

Eric is royalty. Yes, Eric was a Viking prince when his father was killed by a younger Russell Edgington centuries earlier. This was one of the most shocking “True Blood” spoilers of them all. It was shown that Eric, now King of his village, swore an oath to hunt down Edgington and extract his revenge, which he did quite well.