If you missed out on all or some of the action last season, you’ll want to check out these “True Blood” spoilers Season 3. There were new villains, plenty of vampire action and lust, and even a few love stories. Here are recaps of all the most scandalous Season 3 events.

  1. Sookie discovers her real identity. Sookie discover this season that she doesn’t just have telepathic powers. She learns her true identity in a dream-like sequence. During this “True Blood” spoiler from Season 3, Sookie is told by a nymph-like woman that she is in fact a fairy. Unfortunately for her, this makes her blood all the more tempting for vampires and other predatory magical creatures.

  2. A love triangle deepens. Sookie begins to feel even stronger emotions towards Eric. It also doesn’t help that Bill almost sucks her dry by accident. Ultimately, Sookie stays true to Bill and avoids jumping in the sack with Eric. However, Bill’s sordid past is revealed in greater length throughout Season 3 of “True Blood,” and threatens his relationship with Sookie.

  3. Russell tries to take over the world. In this “True Blood” spoiler, an ancient Southern vampire named Russell serves as the main villain of Season 3. He attempts to rule all vampires and kill every human. He is finally overthrown by Eric, who plots an elaborate plan to destroy him. He spares Russell’s life in the end, encasing him alive in a pile of cement.

  4. Werewolves really do exist. Season 3 of “True Blood” almost begins to feel like “Twilight,” since werewolves join the vampire cast. In this Season 3 spoiler, a pack of evil werewolves work under Russell. There is one good werewolf character, Alcide, who is introduced this season and produces some sexual tension when he serves as Sookie’s bodyguard.

  5. Bill’s first vampire love meets her end. Lorena, Bill’s manipulative vampire maker, is ordered by Russell to murder Bill. She fails in her task, and ends up being staked by Bill, who is finally freed of her sadistic ways.

  6. Lafayette finds voodoo love. Lafayette earns himself his first romance, with his mother’s nurse and caretaker, Jesus. Jesus, however, turns out to be a witch, and Lafayette soon begins experiencing hallucinatory visions of Bon Temps murders in this Season 3 “True Blood” spoiler.

  7. Sam reunites with his family. This doesn’t turn out to be as heartwarming as it may seem. Sam’s mother and brother are shifters like him, but they use their powers as con artists and freeloaders. They take advantage of Sam’s generosity, and he fears that he won’t be able to ever give his brother a normal life.

  8. Bill betrays Sookie. In the shocking “True Blood” Season 3 finale episode, Sookie discovers that Bill knew all along that she had magical powers and was sent by the Queen to find her back during Season 1. After this spoiler is revealed, Sookie breaks up with Bill. Bill’s real intentions and feelings will no doubt be explored during Season 4 of "True Blood."

-Layla Sinclair