True Blood Soundtrack

Monday, August 1 by Jessica Fletcher

The "True Blood" Soundtrack has an array of entertaining and well-sung music. Each of these songs from the HBO series are great to listen to and can help you remember different moments from the series. If you want songs that truly represent "True Blood," then these are the songs for you.

  1. Lee Dorsey, "Give it Up": This is an upbeat unique song that has passionate vocals. It includes Lee Dorsey's fun vocals coupled with a choral background. The song has unique instruments, including a trumpet, that make this one of the best songs on the "True Blood" soundtrack.
  2. Jace Everett, "Bad Things": This "True Blood" Soundtrack song has the deep sexy voice of Jace Everett in this country song. It is a romantic song that you'll want to listen to many times again. The lyrics are great and coupled with a wonderful country beat.
  3. CC Adcock & The Lafayette Marquis, "Bleed 2 Feed": This song is quite appropriate as part of the "True Blood" soundtrack. The lyrics fall in line with the vampire theme and the moderate pace of the song gives an allure of darkness. It's an amazing song with vocals anyone can enjoy listening to.
  4. Lucinda Williams, "Lake Charles": Lucinda sings slowly and with great emotion in this outstanding song. It has a soft country beat and a great story is told throughout the song. It's a unique song and a perfect fit for the "True Blood" soundtrack.
  5. Th' Legendary Shack Shakers, "Swampblood": This song is in keeping with the "True Blood" soundtrack's country western theme. The lyrics tell a dark story about "Swampblood," which is in keeping with the tone and vampire emphasis in the series. It's a great song you won't want to miss out on hearing.
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