The best “True Blood” Season 3 spoilers involve werewolves, obsessive love, vampire politics and crazy ex-girlfriends. The following top 10 list will explain the most important plot points of “True Blood” Season 3, without giving away all of the HBO hit show’s secrets.

  1. “True Blood” fans meet Sam’s long lost brother, Tommy. Turns out, Tommy Mickens lives with their mother, Melinda Mickens, and her husband, Joe Lee Mickens. Tommy and Melinda are both shapeshifters like Sam, who pose as dogs in a do fighting ring. Sam attempts to rescue Tommy from the situation, but Tommy repeatedly betrays his trust, provoking him until Sam finally kicks him out.

  2. Jason meets his destiny by way of the mysterious Crystal Norris.  Crystal is a Werepanther, and by the time she reveals this little secret-and the fact that most of the citizens of Hot Shot are like her-Jason has fallen hard for her. She wants to escape her family’s plans for her, which involves being bred to a male Werepanther.

  3. Tara falls in love with yet another bad guy. During “True Blood” Season 3 Tara falls in love with an obsessive, delusional vampire named Franklin. They enjoy passionate evenings together, until Franklin kidnaps her, dresses her in a Victorian nightgown, and says he’s going to turn her into a vampire. Tara narrowly escapes, bashing in Franklin’s head, and when he catches up to her again Jason takes him out for good.

  4. Bill and Sooki break up, and this time it sticks. At the beginning of “True Blood” Season 3, Bill the vampire is missing. Sookie spends most of the season trying to find him, only to discover that he wooed her to learn more about her psychic powers. When he almost kills her out of hunger, Sookie decides to call it quits.

  5. “True Blood” viewers were finally introduced to werewolves during Season 3. Hunky Alcide Herveaux, who seems determined to woo Sookie in the wake of her break-up with Bill, is a key member in the local Were pack. Unfortunately, some werewolves have decided to rally behind the crazy vampire king of Mississippi, drinking his blood for power.

  6. Sookie makes a bitter enemy in Debbie Pelt. When Sookie joins Alcide at a Were bar, she has the misfortune of meeting his crazy ex-girlfriend, werewolf Debbie Pelt. When Debbie discovers Sookie at Alcide’s apartment-despite having broken up with him to be with another were-she declares war on Sookie. When Sookie rescues Bill from the king’s mansion, which results in the death of Debbie’s new beau, she vows revenge.

  7. Bill’s maker, Lorena, befalls the final death. She is ordered by the king to finish Bill once and for all, but first she decides to torture him. Sookie manages to arrive in time, killing Lorena and rescuing her once-love from certain doom.

  8. Eric has his revenge on long-time enemy, Russell, who murdered his human family. Viewers learn more about Eric’s lengthy past, seeing him has a human-and a Viking-before he became a vampire. He was the Chief’s son, and when Russell killed his family and village simply for the Chief’s crown, he made the mistake of leaving Eric alive. Eric vows to murder Russell.

  9. Sookie meets her fairy cousin, and finally learns of her fairy heritage. This somehow explains her psychic abilities, which manifest even more dramatically during “True Blood” Season 3. She can shoot protective light from her fingertips, and enter the fairy realm, where she meets Claudine. Her blood is addictive to vampires, which somewhat explains their fascination of her.

  10. Witches and introduced, Lafayette gets a boyfriend, and Arlene is pregnant. During “True Blood” Season 3, the writers introduced the newest supernatural group to Bon Temps: Witches, by way of Holly and Lafayette’s new boyfriend, Jesus. Arlene moves in with Terry, and discovers she’s pregnant-but it the baby’s father is previous psychopath killer, Rene.


-Lori May