The "True Blood" season 3 episodes are some of the most action packed, mysterious, and exciting of the entire series. This HBO series is wildly popular among men and women in the US. The first season shows the audience how "True Blood," a synthetic blood for vampires that allows them to survive on something other than human sustenance, can now be used in place of humans. Vampires are now out in the open, and so are other mythological creatures. In the third season werewolves, werepanthers, and faeries also come to light and the plot thickens more than ever.

Episode 25 "Bad Blood"

This is the first episode of the season and most of the audience has been hanging on and waiting for all the unfinished plot that they were left with at the end of the second season. Sookie, the lead character in "True Blood" who is capable of reading minds,  comes out of the bathroom after Bill proposes to her and finds him missing. Bill, a vampire and currently Sookies lover, has been kidnapped by none other than werewolves. This episode begins the journey of "True Blood" season 3, starting the season off strong with plenty of action and anticipation.

Episode 27 "It Hurts Me Too"

Sookie is attacked by a werewolf in this episode in her own home. Before Eric, another vampire who craves Sookie and wants to be with her, kills the werewolf in order to save Sookie, she learns where Bill is being held captive. Meanwhile, Bill has escaped his werewolf captors but is now in the custody of the Vampire King of Mississippi, a 3,000 year old vampire named Russell Edgington.

Episode 30 "I Got a Right to Sing the Blues" 

After attempting to save Bill, Sookie and Bill are both recaptured and Bill is sentenced to the "true death," which is the only way vampires die in in "True Blood." Meanwhile Tara, one of Sookie's friends, is also being held captive in the same mansion which belongs to Russell the king. Tara escapes from her captor and frees Sookie. They both race to save Bill, but the episode ends with Sookie being attacked by Bill's captor, another vampire and Bill's creator, Lorena.

Episode 31 "Hitting the Ground"  


Before Lorena can kill Sookie, Bill wraps silver chains around Lorena which weakens vampires. This gives Sookie the time she needs to stake and kill Lorena. Sookie frees Bill and brings him to the safety of a truck so that they can escape the mansion. In the back of the truck, Sookie tell Bill to feed on her so that he does not die, but Bill accidentally nearly kills Sookie. Sookie is rushed to the hospital and Bill is no longer trusted by anyone. However, he ends up saving Sookies life by feeding her vampire blood, which has healing powers when imbibed by humans.

Episode 36 "Evil is Going On"

This is the final episode of the 3rd Season of the "True Blood" series and leaves the audience with a lot to wonder about. Russell Edgington in buried in a thick layer of cement to be contained for a couple centuries. Meanwhile, Sookie has decided she now hates all vampire and supernatural beings, even though she has also discovered that she is a faerie and that this is why she can read thoughts. At the end of the episode, Sookie is invited to the land of the faeries and leaves the human world indefinitely, which is where the third season of "True Blood" leaves the audience to ponder about what will happen in their newest season.

-Ryan Todd