If you're looking to find some of the best "True Blood" books around, this fine batch of vampire tales will certainly point you in the right direction. Author Charlaine Harris started it all with her "True Blood" series of books, also known as "The Southern Vampire Mysteries." Her books have been known for her exquisite detailing of the co-existence between humans and vampires. The stories are set in a fictional Lousiana town called Bon Temps and the central character is a waitress named Sookie Stackhouse.

"True Blood" Book 1: "Dead Until Dark" This is the book that started it all. In this first book we are introduced to our protagonist, Sookie Stackhouse, who works and resides in good ol' small town Louisiana. The dark tale begins when one of her co-workers sees a very attractive vampire.

"True Blood" Book 3: "Club Dead" One of the best "True Blood" books is, perhaps, the third one in the series. Sookie's boyfriend vanishes during a confidential mission out of state, but she takes the initiative to retrieve him herself. In the process, she finds herself caught up in the vampire underworld, more specifically... Club Dead.

"True Blood" Book 5: "Dead as a Doornail" This books finds itself in the center of the story's conflict. In "Dead as a Doornail," Sookie's brother is about  to begin his transformation into a were-panther and the stakes are raised when a sniper begins targeting a local group of changelings. The suspect? Jason himself.

"True Blood" Book 9: "Dead and Gone" The conflict deepens as the series reaches its conclusion in the eleven book. In this ninth book the town of Bon Temps, Lousiana, must come face to face with the were-panthers and the changelings. Meanwhile, a far more vicious race of evil beings prepares to declare war on our heroes.

"True Blood: Book 11: "Dead Reckoning" The "True Blood" series reaches its grand finale in its eleventh book entitled "Dead Reckoning." Merlotte's Bar is bombed and everyone points fingers at the anti-changelings, all except for Sookie who suspects another.