"Trailer Park Boys" episodes are all about encompassing what happens in the gritty world of a trailer park. Centered around Sunnyvale Trailer Park, a group of friends explore life as they know it and are simply trying to get by. This show comments on what happens in society as well as the complexities of a group of friends. Taking place in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, this small town only has so much it can learn about one another until everyone's business is bled into the others.

  1. "Take Your Little Gun and Get Out of My Trailer Park." Season 1, Episode 1. This episode of "Trailer Park Boys" serves as the premise for the entire series. It begins with Julian and Ricky getting out of jail after serving an eighteen month prison sentence. Their first goal is to head back home to Sunnyvale Trailer Park. The two lifelong friends have it out and decide to go their separate ways. Ricky soon comes to learn that his beloved trailer park has bee taken over by the thug, Cyrus.

  2. "Mr. Lahey's Got My Porno Tape." Season 1, Episode 3. Desperate times call for desperate measures. As Ricky is running out of money he begins to get desperate and decides, with the help of Bubbles, to make a porno. But Lahey and Randy interrupt and take his porno tape. Luckily, Julian decides to retreat it back and discovers that Lahey and Randy are more than what they had originally thought.

  3. "Never Cry Shitwolf." Season 4, Episode 1. After Julian, Lahey, and Randy have served their time in prison, they come back to reality. They soon discover that Ricky is the new supervisor of Sunnyvale. Julian also isn't aware that Ricky has started his own growing operation in his trailer. So the others are assigned in removing the plants as swiftly as possible and Bubbles is sent to distract Julian as much as possible.