The top 10 sitcoms of 2010 feature some of the best comedic talent in Hollywood, plying their trade in the 30-minute sitcom world. Oscar winners, Emmy winners and cult figures dominate these shows about the entertainment industry, college life and more.

  1. “How I Met Your Mother” One of the top 10 sitcoms of 2010, this series tells the story of how a man named Ted eventually met his children’s mother. The story is set up as a mystery that bookends the comedy. The show sets up funny incidents in New York City, while Ted tries to find his true love.

  2. “The Big Bang Theory” A fun, unique series, this is one of the top 10 sitcoms of 2010. Kelly Cuoco stars as an attractive girl who moves to Pasadena to try to make it as an actress and meets four nerds, who she befriends. The humor comes mostly from the interactions between the nerds.

  3. “Modern Family” This Emmy-winning show was one of the top 10 sitcoms in 2010. The series is shot in faux documentary style, with the scenes interspersed with shots of the characters talking to the camera. Eric Stonestreet was nominated for his second straight Emmy for his role on the show.

  4. “30 Rock” This award winning television series stars Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin, and is one of the top 10 sitcoms of 2010. The fifth season of the show included an episode filmed live in front of a studio audience, an homage to the origins of the series.

  5. “Cougar Town” The creators of “Scrubs” returned with the second season of their new hit series, one of the top 10 sitcoms of 2010. The show stars Courteney Cox as a middle aged, recently-divorced woman who decides to begin dating men half her age.

  6. “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” One of the top 10 sitcoms of 2010, "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," is in its sixth season. This Danny DeVito-produced TV series follows four friends who operate a bar in Philly, and who must overcome their own personality defects to make their business work.

  7. “Community” Joel McHale of “Talk Soup” stars in "Community," one of the top 10 sitcoms of 2010. McHale plays a former DUI attorney who's forced to return to school to get an actual college degree. The show follows a number of students in the school, and features a number of movie-centered pop culture references.

  8. “Parks and Recreation” One to the top 10 sitcoms of 2010, "Parks and Recreation" was created by the same team that create the American version of “The Office.” The show is set up the same, with a slightly documentary feel and stars Amy Poehler of “Saturday Night Live.”

  9. “$#*! My Dad Says” William Shatner stars in this show, based on a popular Twitter feed by Justin Halpern featuring quotes from his father. The show also stars “Mad TV” alumni Will Sasso and Nicole Sullivan.

  10. “Two and a Half Men” Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer co-star in this, sitcom. The show follows the exploits of a womanizing commercial music writer and his brother, a chiropractor who moves in to his condo with his son.