The “Victorious” cast brings a good clean show to television for kids today. It s highly unusual to see teenagers in school, in class, doing homework, and pursuing their dreams like you see the cast of “Victorious”. This talented group not only brings their natural talent to the show but also let their talent shine through the characters as well.


Victoria Justice

As Tori Vega she is a student at Hollywood Arts singing, dancing, and acting her way to success. Her role on “Victorious” is a mirror of her real life. She has had role a on “Zoey 101” and has her voice can be heard on the “Spectacular” and the “Victorious” soundtracks.


Elizabeth Gillies 

As bad girl Jade West, well as bad as the get on “Victorious” she adds a little snarky humor to the show. She can dish out the attitude as if it is second nature to her and plays a hard ass that demands things be done her way


Matt Bennett 

As Robbie he is a ventriloquist with a doll named “Rex” Both play an important part on the “Victorious” cast. Bennett adds more of a comic relief to "Victorious” than acting skills. His quirky sense of humor adds to his baby faced cuteness.


Leon Thomas III 

Andre has it all. He has personality, he is talented, and he is a great friend to the characters on “Victorious”. His talents spread from acting to singing and his voice can be heard on many soundtracks including “Victorious”, “Rising Stars”, and “August Rush”.


Avan Jogia 

The resident hottie on “Victorious”, Beck makes all the girls drool even though he already has a girlfriend, Jade. He first broke into acting in “A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story” as Danny Araujo.