Some of these "7th Heaven" cast members played these same roles for eleven straight years. All of these actors were with the series since the beginning, but not all of them stayed on until the end. Throughout the years the main cast members came and went, and only a few stayed on for the entire eleven years. Some cast members went on to bigger and better things, and some peaked as your favorite Christian family member.

Beverley Mitchell.

Born in 1981, this "7th Heaven" cast member portrayed Lucy, the Camden's second daughter. Mitchell has the curse of not being known for many other roles except portraying Lucy. Despite her popularity from being a "7th Heaven" cast member, Mitchell rarely took on other roles. In 2005, she co-starred in the horror movie "Saw II," and in 2010 starred in the family-friendly holiday movie, "Snowmen." Despite not gaining a film career from starring on "7th Heaven", she did gain lifelong friends. In 2008 the "7th Heaven" cast members Jessica Biel and Mackenzie Rosman were two of Mitchell' bridesmaids during her wedding to accountant Michael Cameron.

Jessica Biel.

Her first professional acting job came when she became a "7th Heaven" cast member. She was a series regular playing Mary Camden until she left the show at the end of its sixth season. Trying to get away from a wholesome image, Biel starred in the 2003 horror film, "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre." She is a selective actress, and only appears in a few films a year. She became a critically acclaimed actress when she starred in the 2006 movie, "The Illusionist." Despite becoming known around Hollywood for her role on "7th Heaven," she managed to shed that stigma quick, and has since become a sought after movie star.

Stephen Collins.

Despite having been a working actor since 1974, he is primarily known for playing the role of Reverend Eric Camden on "7th Heaven." He attempted to started up a film career and starred in the movies, "The First Wives Club," and "Blood Diamond," but still never rose to popularity on the big screen. Like most popular television actors, he eventually made his way back to the small screen and currently stars on the show, "No Ordinary Family."

Barry Watson.

During his time as a "7th Heaven" cast member, Watson became a teen idol due to his portrayal of the oldest Camden child, Matt. He played Matt on "7th Heaven" from 1996 until the series ended in 2006, but he took a hiatus in 2002 due to being diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease. His once budding movie career got put on what seems like a permanent hold, and his last major motion pictures was the 2005 horror movie, "Boogeyman." Despite never becoming a star on the big screen, he still maintained heartthrob status when he starred on the television show "Samantha Who?".

Mackenzie Rosman.

Born in 1989, Rosman was only six years old when she became a "7th Heaven" cast member. She portrayed Ruthie Camden, the youngest daughter who literally grew up in front of audiences throughout the shows eleven year run. Since she was still in school during the filming of "7th Heaven," Rosman only starred in one other film during her entire eleven season run on the show. In 2010 and 2011 she starred in a couple of episodes alongside her "7th Heaven" cast mate Beverley Mitchell in the television series "The Secret Life on the American Teenager."