The Show That Launched A Star: The Family Ties Cast

Sunday, November 6 by Rose Kerr

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The "Family Ties" cast were an ensemble of talented actors. The show was a wonderful situational comedy that accurately depicted the changing family values in America from being overtly liberal to having a strong conservational sense of mind. The program aired all kinds of disputes that ran rampant in almost every family in a funny way. One of the best aspects of the drama was the cast and crew, all of whom played their roles to perfection. No matter how hard we had to choose, here are the five best "Family Ties" cast members.

Michael Fox as Alex Keaton. 


The superb American actor Michael Fox plays the much coveted role of the young Republican, Alex Keaton, in the drama. He has won the Emmy Awards three times for this sitcom. Considering the fact that the popularity of the show reached its zenith when Michael was at his best proves how important his role was in context of the drama. His award list includes the Golden Globe in 1989, the Screen Actors Guild Award and many others. There are no marks for guessing why we chose this accomplished actor as the top contender for this list.

Michael Gross as Steven Keaton. 

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	As the father of the Keaton family with high liberal values opposed to his son’s conversational streak, Michael Gross, aka Steven Keaton, is simply superb. The highly accomplished actor played a lot of roles right from <a href='' class='linkify' target='_blank'>television series</a> leads to film sideline roles with élan. He came off with glowing colors for his successful portrayal of Steven Keaton that made several liberal grown-ups identify with the character and the mannerisms employed.</p>
	<strong>Justine Bateman as Mallory Keaton.</strong> </p>
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Though we are not talking about a seasoned actress here, Justine Bateman managed to brilliantly portray the central character of Mallory Keaton. Though Justine was brought up in a family well-connected in showbiz, the "Family Ties" was the noteworthy drama that she was part of. She later quit acting to venture into her second stint of fashion designing, which seems to be her permanent occupation these days as she looks nowhere close to signing anything new. Pity!

Tina Yothers as Jennifer Keaton. 


A child actor par excellence, Tina Yothers stepped into acting right from the time she was three years old. She kept up the good work that eventually landed her significant roles like the lead in "Shoot the Moon" and that of Jennifer Keaton in the family drama, "Family Ties." She is definitely the most seasoned actress that America can boast about today. The fact that she is aging up to being a beauty and with her acting nuances touching the sky, here is a force showbiz can reckon with.

Meredith Baxter Birney as Elyse Keaton. 

Meredith Baxter Birney.jpg

In Meredith Birney, we have a superb actress who has her looks and heart at the right place. She has mastered the comedy act as well as expanded her philanthropic activities toward breast cancer. She plays Elyse Keaton with remarkable intensity that makes her an actor par excellence. It is largely due to her unique efforts that "Family Ties" is one of the most endearing and practical sitcom today. Thus, she easily commands her position in the five best "Family Ties" cast members.

– Ruth Kerr

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