"The Pacific" HBO cast stars in a ten-part miniseries that reveals the stories of three Marines during America’s battle with Japanese during World War II. "The Pacific" is narrated by a Tom Hanks. Compiled below is a list of the main cast members that appeared in the entire ten-part action, adventure drama.

  1. James Bade Dale. James Bade Dale played the part of PFC Robert Leckie in "The Pacific" HBO miniseries. Dale other most notable works to date are in the 1990 film adaptation of Lord of the Flies and as Chase Edmunds in the third season of "24" the Fox TV series. Dale also had a supporting role in the Oscar-winning movie "The Departed."

  2. Jon Seda. Jon Seda plays the part of Sgt. John Basilone in "The Pacific." Seda, well known for his role on "Homicide: Life on the Street." He also made appearances on other TV shows such as series such as "Hack," "The Closer," and "Burn Notice."

  3. Ben Chisholm. Ben Chisholm plays the part of a Marine in "The Pacific." Ben is not only know for is acting ability but he is also a comedian. Ben film appeared in "The Tender Hook" in 2008, he also was on a TV Show, "Stand Up Australia in 2006."

  4. Joseph Mazzello. Joseph Mazzello was cast in "The Pacific" as PFC Eugene Sledge. Mazzello started his career as an actor in 1992, when he played in the "Radio Flyer." He also acted in "Jurassic Park" in 1993 and Hook in 1991.  

-Ginny Putscher